Hello everyone, I’m LEWDUA.

I’m an amateur artist and I've been drawing futanari and lewds -almost- every night for years. I love it! All my art is FREE

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Half-time - Nessie and Alison

Rough - testing color

Alice's bedroom

WIP Alice

Sick sick

Didn't that brighten your day?


Karen, Natasha and Miss Rosewood (comic page 7)

Random roughs from previous projects and unreleased stuff

Boring party - Nessie and Alison

Nessie at the doctor

Karen has needs too

Doodles, roughs, sketches


Nessie's fantasies (part 2)


Nessie's fantasies (part 1)

The contest

Patreon Update

Nessie in the school showers

Pool party

Just stroking a huge thing

Bowsette thing

Karen, Natasha and Miss Rosewood (comic page 6)

Karen, Natasha and Miss Rosewood (comic page 5)

Karen, Natasha and Miss Rosewood (comic page 4)

Karen, Natasha and Miss Rosewood (comic page 3)

Karen, Natasha and Miss Rosewood (comic page 2)

Karen, Natasha and Miss Rosewood (comic full pages)

The diary of Nessie’s first boyfriend (Text Version)

I see a huge creature here

Miss Rosewood

The diary of Nessie’s first boyfriend (part 1)

“I guess she won” - Nessie and Alison

Happy Birthday, Nessie!

Lewdua Futanaries Phone Wallpaper - Pack 4

Roughs and WIPs

"I love this style"

We’ve got a few minutes until anyone comes back

Calling mom

Thursday night

Alice and the secret lover with a friend

Who is the best character ?

"A little tight on me down there"

"Alice" - part 2



Roughs, tests, style experiments, messy and abandoned things

This really is the last time - Karen and Natasha

“… just a dream, nothing real!”


Nessie needs after hours of lewd drawings

“Dick pic” - Nessie and Alison

Alison in the morning

"See me after class"

Literature teacher

Quick news

New Patreon rewards

Crisis management - additional doodles

"Crisis management" - Karen and Natasha

Love is sharing - Nessie and Alison

Nessie, What about me and you, having fun together with this?

My two loves

New story upcoming

The day I met my Alison

Natasha and Karen early

Family First - Natasha and Karen

Kitties can't wait

Some WIP, roughs, early concept, etc

Sex Education - Oral presentation

Shower show

WIP, roughs, ideas

Survey results: Lewdua Asks you

The childhood of Nessie

Late at night

Doodles tonight!

Almost there!


Phones wallpapers pack 3

Making love

Doodles and news


Few polished doodles

Stamina condom

Futanari doodle, WIP, character design