Hello everyone, I’m LEWDUA.

I’m an amateur artist and I've been drawing futanari and lewds -almost- every night for years. I love it! All my art is FREE

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Merry Christmas!

Stupid cock - Morgan and Iris (young)

Iris and Morgan, about 20 years ago

2nd round – Alison and Natasha (part 2)

Natasha's butt

2nd round - Alison and Natasha

Jade and Alison (SFW)

Natasha having a good meal alone

Straighten your body (part 2)

Cheerleader - Natasha and Alice

Alison and Jade Teaming up (SFW)

Sexy nude model

Summary of October 2020

The condom box

Lola's mom

The bus story - part 2

First adventure - part 5

And the winner is... part 2

Summary of September 2020

Long time friends - Iris and Morgan

And the winner is...

Natasha vs Alison

David in the couch

VR game - Alice and Natasha

Work in progress

Summary of August 2020

I still love you



At the movies - Natasha and Alison

Karen's strapon

Karen's strapon (Work in progress)

Summary of July 2020

Alison, 10 years later

Karen's gift

Nessie & Karen

Another shopping day (part 2)

[Lore] Another shopping day - Natasha and Alison

New hair style for Alison

Jade and the Doctor

Summary of June 2020

Karen relaxing in the bath

Karen's Experience Level

New relationships story, in order (4 panels)

Shopping day

Jade, 2 years later

Karen's Breakfast

Testing Nessie

WIP - the doctor

[VIDEO] What's taking SO long?

Two angels

Watching a series - part 5

Work in progress

First Adventure - part 4

Poll results

Poll: Round 2

[Special Poll] 100k on Twitter

First adventure – part 3

First adventure - part 2

Alice in the shower - part 4

Alice in the shower (part 3)

Alice in the shower (part 2)

Alice in the showers

Nessie and Karen, finally (part 3)

Nessie and Karen, finally (part 2)

Nessie and Karen, finally

Realizing what had happened

After everything, Alison has a moment

Karen's ready butt

Alison helping Natasha - part 7

Watching a series - Nessie and Karen - part 4

Alison helping Natasha - part 6

Alison helping Natasha - part 5

Alison helping Natasha - part 4

Natasha jiggling it

First adventure - Lola and Pamela

Work in progress: Karen and Nessie

Working together (sucking animation)

Working together - Lola and Pamela