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Hey lewdies <3

During months you requested me “Alison’s brother”
I freaking love this character and I’m really honored you love him too <3 I created it him around october last year, and I only involved him 5 times in a story or an artwork.

I always wanted him to be reserved and mysterious, and I had never chosen any name to keep him even more confusing.  Today he has a name: Alice ! No ” Alison’s brother, brother of Alison, … or Trapison” anymore, hehe. I hope you’re not dispointed too much! :3 i have many reasons to call him like this.

About “Traps”
The first time when “Alice” appeared in my universe, I called him “trap”. Do you remember? But now (as you can see on this story), I think “trap” is not exactlty what I want about him. Traps in general are quite arousing and confusing mystery for me, but mostly related to submissive persons.  Even I involved him in a dream of Nessie, this is not what I want for Alice; I’d only love him (except if I change my mind again) to be a crossdresser.

Have a good day <3

Pubes versionhttps://imgur.com/a/x9qGxgT

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