Hello everyone, I’m LEWDUA.

I’m an amateur artist and I've been drawing futanari and lewds -almost- every night for years. I love it! All my art is FREE

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Stories - Lewdies universe

Introduction (SFW) :

Year 1 - Nessie and Alison

Nessie meets Alison

Nessie and Alison – Student daily life (big archive)

Year 1 - Alice

Bedroom fantasy with Alison

Alice and friends

Year 1 - Karen and Natasha

Karen, Natasha and Miss Rosewood

Karen and Natasha – Student daily life

Year 1 - The teachers

The date of Morgan and Audrey

Year 2 - The apartment: Nessie, Alison, Karen, Natasha and Alice

Entering the apartment

Get to know each other

Alice and Natasha – sex sex

Year 3 - New relationships

Nessie and Alison: The break

Karen tries with Nessie – Lewd night

Waking up and getting ready for shopping

Nessie has a crush on Karen 

Back from shopping – Alison helping Natasha – Full story

Alison and Natasha – The Game

David and Natasha flirting

Jade and Alison

Year 4

Alison and Jade - Part 2 - The Reconciliation

Morgan and Iris, about 20 years ago

To be continued 😊