Hello everyone, I’m LEWDUA.

I’m an amateur artist and I've been drawing futanari and lewds -almost- every night for years. I love it! All my art is FREE

If you really like my art and want to support me, you can subscribe to my Patreon:


Quick news

Hey everyone! <3

I have few things to say and I’ll group them in the same post instead of spamming you

New project

I am currently working on a whole new kind of project with my Nessie and Alison. I am sooo excited to release it but I have a ton of work before.

Stay tuned!! I really hope you’ll enjoy.


I created an account on Newgrounds. I know this website is pretty old, but someone suggested me and it remembered me old good times. Also I just have be noticed by my first animation sensei Spazkid3D, my life is now complete haha <3

So! If you’re interested, add me :



Wow guys, a lot of people joigned my Patreon since I updated it a week ago. This is awesome!! <3

Thank you soo much!!!


I have created a Lewdua SFW page on Facebook, haha…. Well I have no idea if you guys, would dare to share your futanari love around and especially share futa posts with your mom or your boss, but … it’s here, and I am waiting for you. <3


For the moment, it’s a bit empty and mostly reposting my Instagram posts, but why not?


To be honest, I am really proud of my Lewdua Discord server.

It started from a “why not” few months ago, and now the community is full of really nice futanari lovers and a bunch of awesome superstars futanari artists.

Rules could be a bit strict but it’s made to keep the focus on “futanari” and it’s a great success, and I wanted to thank you all for joigning, because this server would be nothing without you all <3

Don’t feel late to the party, join us if you love futanari



I‘m probably gonna stream tonight! A part of my new project,

if you are interested, join me, and you can also subscribe to get notifications when I’ll stream in the future.


Thank you!

Also, again, thank you all, for being here, for sharing, liking, commenting my art around the Internet, messaging me, asking me questions (I relly need to take the time to reply again). This is awesome

Thank you so much, lewdies! Every day is great

I love you all <3

Lewdua ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤