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The childhood of Nessie

The Beginning

As a baby, Nessie was born a futa. With dark hair and blue eyes; she was the cutest thing ever! But her father did not approve. He wanted a “normal” girl and Nessie unfortunately did not meet his expectations. The parents went on to have more children…but poor Nessie was all but forgotten in her father’s eyes.

The Early Days

Growing up her mother wanted her to have a normal life, always dressing her in baggy clothes. Nessie knew she was not like the other kids and her mother told her to hide her tiny bits as much as she could.

The Trials

As she grew older it became increasingly more difficult to hide her true self. She was often picked on and bullied by the other kids in school for being different. It was then that she became known as “Lochness” a name that would follow her for quite some time.

The Struggle

Lost and alone, she was outcast by the other kids. Her uniqueness created a gap between her and the rest of her peers and so, she spent much of her youth alone.

The Discovery

However, being alone eventually lead to some discoveries. Despite herself, the forbidden pleasures eventually manifested and with them came an overwhelming feeling of euphoria…and shame. A double edged sword.

The New “Lochness”

Nevertheless. She focused on the positives these new feeling brought and became determined to transform herself into a new person. Although she was still very shy and insecure about herself she would try very hard to make herself into a better person. She dyed her hair the bright blonde it is today and tried to make herself smile more. She wanted to believe that a optimistic outlook on life could bring bigger and better things into her life.

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thanks to @futanearie for writing the texts



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