Nessie's fantasies (part 2)

*not real, in Nessie imagination

Nessie’s fantasies – part 2

Hey lewdies,

When I wrote the script of the shower show few months ago, I had this fantasy in my head all the time: the bad girl being dominated by Alison, in front of her friends, from behind, against the wall of the showers. I hope you like it <3

This story is just a bonus, something that did not happen, not canon. This is not something I would like to draw for a “real story” of Nessie and Alison since I don’t want them to cheat.

Also, thank you for all your messages about “open relationship is not cheating” but sorry for the moment I don’t have the mindset to agree with that :3

Part 1 (fantasies)

Original story (shower show) :

Spanish version :

Have a great day!