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Alison and Jade Teaming up (SFW)

Hello lewdies :3

Dramas, dramas again! For some reasons, the initial teams for the school project have been changed, and now Alison and Jade must work together until the end of the year. Same for Nessie and Valerie.

Oh who’s Valerie by the way?
She’s a futanari character I’ve made in 2018, and never used it. I’ve changed her whole design, but she’s still muscular <3

I’ve promissed you that Jade would appear more in the main timeline; It took me months to do, but now it’s really starting. I’ve put Alison and her in the same place, even I think their personnalities can’t fit. It’s so exciting to mix different characters.

I hope you like the story! Have a great day, lewdies

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