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Summary of June 2020

Hey lewdies! <3 I hope everything is fine. I decided to “try” making monthly posts to summarize stories, news and artworks.

What’s up?

So, this month, the “Nessie and Alison break up” story was completed. I added parts of the puzzle to show the correct order of the events. Alison found out Nessie and Karen were together, and thought it was a good idea to move on and have fun too. I have some… plans for her, hehe.

On Nessie’s side, her relationship with Karen isn’t as perfect as she thought, but … things aren’t easy sometimes… and maybe will maybe be better soon, after knowing each other a bit more. Karen’s sex experience is huge and she has to calm down a little.

Jade, an old character I’ve drawn 2 years ago, is back, and it’s time for her to be included in the Lewdies Universe. I changed her hair, her boobies and worked on her personnality: I can’t wait to show you how she will interact with the others :3

Also, I’ve post my biggest story ever this month: “Testing Nessie” with the Doctor and Nessie again, has 66 images, and I’m really glad how it was really really appreciated, particulary thanks to the butt tattoo of Iris <3 Glad you love it!

Work in progress

I’m currently working (since tuesday) on another story involving Iris the Doctor and Jade! (Jade was the winner of the poll on patreon). It’s a great opportunity for me to introduce her and show her personnality. I haven’t finished yet (I need more days) but I swear I’m already in love! (again)

Lola the Potion Seller

I still don’t know when I’ll continue the Lola story since I’m already really busy (and really excited) on the Lewdies universe.

Thank you everyone for your support and your love! I hope you’re not getting bored by my stories along the time, and also I hope you’ll enjoy my lines and colors for a long time. I work on them everyday, has much as I can, and I love it <3

Have a great day!


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