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Summary of July 2020

Hello everyone! 😘


The big thing this month is, for me, the new haircut of Alison. Almost all my babies have long hair, so I wanted to change, plus she “moved on”. At least Alice and her are really distinct, now :3 I have many plans for Alison. I’m really excited.


Natasha is really excited as well, since Alison looks fully available now and doesn’t mind having fun with her from time to time. This month, Natasha grabbed Alison’s butt in the corner of a street and they managed to cum together publicly. This is just the beginning of her friendship with benefits and I’m sure will have a lot of fun together! But the question is… who will be on top?


On the other side of the apartment, Nessie tries to take her time and hope she’s live a lovely story with Karen. The last month, Karen was too fast and their first sex time was a bit awkward. Nessie doesn’t mind to have sex with Karen, but they always forget to buy condoms. Nessie wants to wait… do the right things, in a cautious way (This is a new relationship… over all), but Karen suggested an idea.


Jade won a Patreon poll (the “who is the next patient of the doctor?” ) so it was a way for me to introduce her and show her personnality. I have a lot of lewdies stories to draw before she appears again properly in the universe.


No news of Lola / Pamela this month again. I left them in a kind of cliffanger… I’m sorry. I’ll try take care of it soon. Though I hope you like the direction I’m taking with Alison and Nessie. Stay tuned!

Have a great day, lewdies ! ❤❤❤