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Summary of October 2020

Hello lewdies,

I think october was a huge month with stories and artworks.

Alison and Natasha: I’ve finished the long story with Alison and Natasha. Alison finally came into her like a winner. Though, it’s not finished between them: Natasha wants her revenge, of course :p

Morgan and Iris: Same with Morgan and Iris, I thought it was a nice idea for them to “know each other” since the old school days. I might draw them again in the future, maybe stories when they were younger. I’m really excited :3

The bus story – part 2: After a poll on Patreon, (choose an old story from 2017) the Bus story won, and I’ve made a sequel where Alice takes the opportunity and participate to the lewds. Thank you really much guys, I’ve seen you’ve appreciated the story!

Lola universe: I’ve drawn single artworks from the Lola universe. It was a nice relaxing time: my art process was pretty messy lately, so I took the time to work on it for better results in the future.

Karen and Nessie: And, it was few days ago, I continued the story of Karen and Nessie. Karen thought she found a solution for the condom problem, but made a cute decision.

I hope you enjoyed this month and you’re ready for the next <3

Have a great day!

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