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At Jades - conclusion (+ Ideas for future stories)

Hey lewdies ❤❤❤

Here is the final part of the story, a kind of chapter conclusion: Jade invited Alison to stay at her place.


Ideas for future stories

TL:DR More sex soon

I don't mean to be dramatic at all, don't worry :3

You've maybe noticed that I've posted a bunch of mini stories lately. A lot of "lore", drama stuff, nothing too much sexual.

In a sense, I actually love drawing art focused on conflicts and personalities! My characters feel so alive and human. They have even more value for me.

But today, I'm in this position: I feel out of the place, sometimes boring, sometimes bored, and something must change or evolve

It actually happened several times in the past: at a point, I create new characters in order to simply draw them... in any situation, in any position, doing anything they want, without caring about anything. And then! I fall in love, and ... I draw them more and more. Then, step by step, I weave a web between all those drawings/posts and I create a kind of universe for those loved characters. I feel the need to respect them, and the consistency: I spend weeks to write a proper transitions, I spend time adding extra details, etc... and I'm falling into this kind of "polishing" trap.

Don't get me wrong, I still love creating story telling

Today I feel that I'm slowly sliding on the side again, with all these "lore" posts.

I miss the time when I was excited and kinky every day.
I miss old stories
More simple, more silly

I'm gonna fix it tomorrow and I'll do my best

PS: I won't stop writting lore and drama, I will reduce/shorten them to emphasize the sex parts.


Previous part (Karen's side): https://lewdua.blogspot.com/2021/10/david-natasha-and-karen-in-bathroom.html

Previous part (Alison's side): https://lewdua.blogspot.com/2021/10/at-jades-part-6-final.html

Full story: https://lewdua.blogspot.com/p/alison-and-jade-part-2-reconciliation.html

More about Alison and Jade: https://lewdua.blogspot.com/p/alison-and-jade.html

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Futa101 said…
Oooouu they're cohabitating now :)
Storyreade24099 said…
I hate Karen, she is feeding the stereotype(annoying girl with that name).
Storyreade24099 said…
Jade is so caring and comprehensive. She's like the person for Alison, the lightning rod when everything goes wrong, it is so romantic...
Iamari said…
I realize how this is going to sound/read, but I am 100% serious. It seems like you've hit the same problems/slogs the directors, and writers for Rick and Morty did. They've said in interviews they got burned out writing continual stories for lore, and the next few seasons will focus on 1 off stories like the show used to do. Which is why they ended Season 10 the way they did.
Zane said…
I’ve never written on here but I really wanted to today. Your process is your own and it is beautiful. Please know that we love you, we love the art that you create and you bring so much happiness to so many people’s lives! Here’s to looking forward to all of your future projects. Cheers!
Dmitry said…
Thanks for you work! All your arts are awesome!
Unknown said…
i hope david gets some action, maybe with Alice
Jk said…
Why Karen is too mean to Alison?
Pito de burro said…
It's ok to do so if it makes you more comfortable with your art, but you really don't need to shorten these things up if you don't want to. What kept me staying and checking when you posted again is this, the love you treat your characters with, how you don't just use them as a mean to make kinky things, but you see them as real characters also. With their emotions, personalities, flaws, everything. Is beautiful, and is extremely rare to see, that's why I value artists like you so much. Whatever you do, I'll support it, I like people that love what they do, so please don't stop doing what you love, whatever path that is.
BabyTarus said…
Could you possibly do a cuckold with Alice, Nessie, and Karen? Maybe where Alice walks in on Nessie and and Karen cumming together(impregnation) as Alice watches in shock as Nessie's cum is spilling out of Karen while they are still fucking in reverse cowgirl with full eye contact
Sidsquall said…
Salut, j'aime beaucoup ton travail.
J'apprécie beaucoup tout le lore que tu as fait ainsi que les parties erotique, continue comme ça.
Anonymous said…
I'm just wondering do you have any plans for no nut November?
Jstruggs717 said…
Karen is living up to her name.
NessiAlison said…
Wow. Alison needs nessi and may even seek comfort with her little sister Alice. Your plots are good and I have still been following the story although I have not commented so much ... remember that you are very important and surely other characters are charming ... do not misunderstand me but I keep coming here from time to time because nessi and Alison made me know your page and I hope to see them again. luck and I wait for your spirits berry on the rise. Thank you
Shoiko said…
I mean character development is important, sex and only sex can get boring without plot. I actually have been following for years but never posted, don't stop being you. What ever you do. Do what drives your creativity.
here4theplot said…
Yes Karen! Go off on Alison! This episode was so cathartic, I love it when characters explode into a rightful rage and go off. I love these lore bits so much 🥰
El Putride said…
It's true I comming for NSFW content. But your content will be less interessant without story and lore.

So do what you do, at your rythm , public will be here ^^
A said…
In my opinion, you don't have to force yourself to go in a certain direction, just draw what you feel like drawing at the moment. Actually, I quite enjoy the lore and drama stories, they make the characters more interesting, in fact, I'd like to see some Alice lore, he's one of my favorite characters and I feel like we don't know much about him since he's very quiet, although for me that's one of his charm points as that makes him quite mysterious.

Anyway, good job as always Lewdua, I really liked the expressions on this one.
A Redditor said…
This comics are doing great and if this was not porn, i guess it could be a show on netflix.
Shy said…
As a long-time reader, I don't mind you writing lore about your characters at all. It's just as important to me that you still enjoy doing this as much as I enjoy reading it.

I primarily come to this website for the sexy material. I don't view it like a web comic that prominently features sex. Not yet at least. If you would rather be writing a bigger story, though, you have my full support. Whatever you decide to focus on going forward, it is important to me as a reader that the story is more than the sum of its parts.

This might come off as critical, but please let me explain.

I have no doubts that when you draw sexy content that it will be great. If you choose to pursue a heavier story, I'd like to see more than just conflict between the many characters you've built up. Historically, everyone has been friends with a few characters pushing for sexy encounters. The conflict that existed was mostly tension over being caught within one comic which rarely developed into much. That's totally fine, the story at the time was primarily focused on sex so I wasn't expecting much.

More recently, the main story has shifted to one of characters escalating conflict between one another. While there have been some payoffs here and there alongside the development of newer characters, the feeling I've gotten overall has been a downer. Conflict absolutely has its place in storytelling, but in a traditional story structure it is balanced and paced by contrasting beats. My perspective on the more recent lewdies story has been: drama, sexy flirting, sex, sex, tension, sexy development, drama, drama, sex, sex, sex, sexy drama, sexy development, sexy drama, sexy development, sexy development, more sexy development, dramatic payoff, dramatic development, sexy drama, flashback of a tonally more positive time, sexy development, sex, drama.

Now, I love the development that's been going on, but I do not feel like someone having sex with someone new is a positive payoff. It's kind of what I expect on here. While there has been lots of relationship building, the overwhelming feeling I've gotten is one of people drifting apart while fleshing out new, interesting characters. Relationship building has been a great source of tension and anticipation, but the results have been reminders of regret and conflict :<. The new stuff is always punctuated with down beats. I've been sorely missing the narrative up beats and positive payoffs from this new development.

When telling a story in an episodic fashion like this, it is important to keep in mind the emotional valence that the reader is experiencing. Other artists who do web comics in this fashion split their story up into chapters so that they can more easily meter and pace the tone of their story and convey to the reader what point in the story we are in. If we've been in ACT 1 of a story for six updates and the next is the last update in that act, I expect some kind of inciting incident to shake things up. I look forward to that update. I am more comfortable with the ride I'm being taken on because I have an expectation of a traditional story structure.

Meanwhile, I've been looking forward to more Iris and Morgan story because I know it ends positively. I've been going back and reading Lola and Pemela because I expect their relationship to blossom positively. I'm longing for more emotional relief.

Your world has been a fascinating one to read, and my feedback should come with the large caveat that I am very satisfied. But if this is the direction YOU want to go in, I'd also like to see more reason for me to come back and read it. I obviously don't speak for everyone on here, only myself, but given the result of the last survey, I am not at all surprised that the characters who regularly contribute to negative story beats were not rated highly.

I love everything you do. Please do whatever makes you happy. My feedback is just a glimpse into what one of your devoted readers has been feeling more and more recently.
TheMistyJoke said…
I miss old stories
More simple, more silly
-> Hi ! Thats fine ! Make what you like. It's cool to quicken then pace a bit and do that again. Comming back and forth is what's best to not got bored ;) (I think ?)
AND I think Alison needed that punch (while I love her character most, it's what's best for her)
Unknown said…
Love your work. ^^
Why does karen have to be such a pain in the ass like alison hasn't been through enough already, it's like putting lemon juice on a paper cut.
But i love how you have jade being there for alison touches the heart well ,and love how the art styles improve every time.
HuTao_ said…
I rather enjoy seeing a story fleshed out from your characters, sexy one shots are hot too, but making a living world with drama, and even just pure adventure and comedic or joyous scenes with the characters in non-sexual scenes sound fun to me! I love the characters for who they are, and Jade is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.
SaintMichael95 said…
First off I want to say that I very much enjoy your artstyle, especially the hairy versions, and that I don't mind the lore posts over sexy times, but it just seems like most of said lore posts are really depressing and it really kinda saps my enjoyment. For example the constant cucking of David. The guy just can't catch a break.

One of the biggest things to having an enjoyable story is making the characters likeable/relatable and I can honestly say that I really don't like most of the main characters, i.e. nessie, alison, karen, natasha (though I like natasha more than the others as she seems more like a victim of circumstance than an active "bad actor"). It is for this reason that I don't follow this blog that closely and only visit once every month or so when I'm reminded about your art somewhere else and decide to drop in for a look and even then, I'm mostly expecting depressing drama instead of sexy times. That's not a good way to retain viewers.

Now I'm not saying you can't have drama, but there HAS to be an emotional pay off. It has to be balanced with positive stories. Drama should be treated as a rare delicacy to enhance positive story notes and make us (the viewers) appreciate the happy/heartwarming plots more. Think of drama as being like going to an absurdly expensive restaurant for your birthday. Every once in a while it's a fun and amazing treat, but if you do it every week it loses that sense of specialness (and also makes you go broke).
Man. Karen is starting to turn into a Karen.