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Jade showing it

Hey lewdies ❤❤❤

(Even she already did during 3 seconds in the past) Alison cannot believe her eyes about what's going on. Jade finally decided to let herself go a bit and trust her girlfriend, even she's still really embarrassed about it ☺ I hope you like it!

Have a great day

Previous part: https://lewdua.blogspot.com/2022/07/jade-entering-apartment-part-3.html

Full story: https://lewdua.blogspot.com/p/jade-way-to-lewdies-apartment.html

Hairy version: https://imgur.com/a/BUdiGNu

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Thank you PhDhentai for the english help!


Alt RedSkys said…
Love how Alison called it cute. For some reason I'm thinking Alison is not going to stop now. After all Alison hasn't gotten off yet. Also just now noticing the red on Jade's toenails and finger nails a nice touch showing she's more on the girly end while Alison strikes me hard as a tomboy.

Ptolemy said…
I think I have to agree with Alison. Nice picture of Alison too.
Michael Walczak said…
Sooooo fucking cute , i am in Love
KOKAYI 005 said…
Not gonna lie, good pic. The art style is a little different. But I like it. Seems more like a manga. Thicker line art and more pop to it.

Jade and Alison relationship is growing on me. I'll admit it. I got problem with it as long as no one gets hurt. If Karen and Ness break up and Alison and Jade break up, and Ness and Ali get back together then where does that Jade? Karen will go back to her sister. But I'm sure Jade will be in sorrow.

Maybe all of this is just a go time for everyone to discuss an open relationship and everyone just date anyone else? That's the only logical path I can think of.
Helena89 said…
Their cuteness level is OVER 9000!!!!!!