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Jade entering the apartment - part 3

Hello lewdies :3

Alison is secretly having sex with Jade in her bedroom, while the other roomates think they are doing their homework. Slowly, Jade is becoming more confident about herself in front of her girlfriend.

Thank you guys for your patience, this part of the story has been a bit long to draw ❤ I hope you enjoyed how it ends!

Have a great day

Previous part: https://lewdua.blogspot.com/2022/07/lore-jade-entering-apartment-part-2.html

Hairy version: https://imgur.com/a/aaP8tDa

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Thank you PhDhentai for the english help!


Alt RedSkys said…
So she finally trusts Alison enough to see her cock? Looking back on jade it's a huge trust leap. Also I'm getting the feeling.. The doors not locked.

The look Karen and Nessie had was as if they are putting it together but figured it's not their place to intrude on other's in that moment.
Fenrir said…
Amazing, I love these two. I also think it's rich (though wholly appropriate for the story) for Karen to be calling anyone RUDE! 🤣 Ah well, I'm glad Jade is coming out of her shell a bit. 😁
SaltyPepper said…
I love your art sooo much....
honestly would love to see one of the futa lovelies getting pegged :3
SaltyPepper said…
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SnipinG1337 said…
Can only imagine her banging Alison next
DaeLo said…
@SaltyPepper - there is one story with a strapon already, but it's Karen getting pegged, not Nessie ^^
Helena89 said…
Aaaww! The end is soooo cute, adorable! I really love this chapter <3
KOKAYI 005 said…
I guess it's good that Alison is helping Jade love her body. Maybe that is one of the reasons I'm too shy about having sex most of the time.