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Jade entering the apartment - part 6

Hello lewdies ❤🎵

I'm back from vacation! I've managed to draw this story during the free time, it was a bit challenging hehe :p Now I can fully immerse myself in my world again. I hope you've had a good time on your side. Get ready for the next part soon (maybe Alison will finally get what she's been waiting for ☺ I hope you like it!)

Thank you PhDhentai for the english help!


Alt RedSkys said…
An idea should be interesting since it's likely not mouth or butt. Maybe boobs?
Lemon said…
Fenrir said…
Jade definitely needs to loosen up still. Fortunately Alison is great at loosening people...0w0

Can't wait to see the next part!
Ptolemy said…
This is very good. I almost feel sorry for Alison. It isn't just jade that looks right at us.
JustLooking said…
BOOOOOO, she should have sucked it!!! ;-)
KOKAYI 005 said…
I wonder what Jade liked before Alison got her into anal play?