Nessie self sucking

Hello lewdies :3

Nessie is slowly and silently taking care of herself between classes. She's in a really "good mood" today! 

In the last post, I hadn't noticed that I had drawn her dick a way smaller than usual, so ... here it is, the problem is repaired :p I've been having fun with simple stuff lately, between two stories. ❤ I hope you like it!

Have a great day 😘

Hairy version:

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space croissant said…
niiiiice I was wondering why her dick was shrinking with a lot of drawing, I personnally prefer her massive like that ^^ awesome drawing like always ^^
Jk said…
I love the Smoth Animation on this Gif that IS pure Art and Is Nessie My 2nd favorite, I Love , it's beautiful.
Futa lover said…
Could you possibly do more with the dick pic series
Alison said…
shit. that’s my Nessie. great!
MangaFan22 said…
Here’s what I want. I want Nessie and Alice to have some fun together for a bit, and then I want Nessie and Allison to get back together. Karen doesn’t deserve Nessie.
KOKAYI 005 said…
Dont worry Nessie, we've all been there. Horny in school and no way to get thru the day without a good fap. LMBAO
💕Nessie's giant penis💕
💕Nessie's huge balls💕
I love it!
Bus said…
Yes! Love this!
Unknown said…
Nessie's cock realy the best of all 👌
Realistically lugging that thing around must be a living hell. Unless Ness is a grower, ofc.