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The next morning at Jade's - part 3 (final) - Alison and Jade

Hello everyone ❤❤❤

This is an embarrassing time for Jade. For her first time with her, Alison shows off how experienced she is, how good she is at sucking, and enjoys exploring and rubbing her little curvy body.

I've made a really slow progression of 46 images to feel the emotions of the characters as much as possible in this story. I hope you like it! 😘 They are so cute together

Have a great day!

Previous part: https://lewdua.blogspot.com/2021/11/the-next-morning-at-jades-part-2-alison.html

Hairy version: https://imgur.com/a/zt4Zra7

Alison and jade's reconciliation story: https://lewdua.blogspot.com/p/alison-and-jade-part-2-reconciliation.html

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Slayoga said…
KOKAYI 005 said…
Wow. Alison is being really tender with Jade. I hope this helps Jade loosen up. I still dont understand fellatio though. Not my thing. But seeing it drawn here. It was charming. Almost like watch Jade let go her pent up stress and pain. Let go of her issues.
Kronos said…
Ooooow now that's something huge!
Their synergy is just perfect and they're so hot together!

What would make it become perfect to me is that they start teasing each other with some lingerie: stockings, garter belts, high heels etc (that would be more on Alison's ground obviously) and that Jade would become more and more depraved leading to the inversion of their roles!

Maybe it's just me, but I think it would be really hot!

Anyways we can't thank you enough for all these magnificent drawings! May you keep blessing us with these for ever :D
Maín Odío said…
You never disappoint. Keep rocking and Happy holydays, dear Lewds!
BabyTarus said…
could you do a cuckold
HottyDog9752 said…
Lew, your fantasies world is amazing. Impossible don't to think how exciting it would be help you to make them real.
Iamari said…
Aww, Jade was nice enough to give Alison Mickey Mouse Ears as she came.
Rayzar said…
Thoroughly enjoyed your work and you were successful I understood every emotion and could emphasise as well thank you.
Unknown said…
There's something profoundly humane and relatable in the relationships between your characters.
Though it's fantasy nsfw, there's something real as to the behavior of your characters. Real and romantic.
Who didn't feel insecure when they were about to have sex? Who didn't go full shy when naked and in front of the other?
And there's a real evolution in those relationships. We follow them step by step. You take your time telling those stories. Which makes them relatable.
Everyone can relate to this or that character.
As for me, for a long part of my young years, I was 'David'. And I relate a lot to that character. Not because I'm a man. Because I've lived some of his situations.
As to feel shy and insecure when about to have sex with someone more experienced, I lived it too. And I bet I'm not the only one. We all were Jade at some moment in our life.
This is why we love those characters.
HuTao_ said…
This is a very welcomed change to see a character not nearly as experienced in a lot of sexual aspects. It'll be nice to see how Jade changes having such a promiscuous partner.
Ryan said…
This was way too hot.. 🌡🔥
james said…
simply fantastic!
Storyreade24099 said…
That impulse at the end, i always hoped to see that crazy orgasmic side. This is perfect i really would love Jade being the dominant when they make love again(i know deep down she is dominant but she is too shy to show it...yet, thanks to Alison she is freeing her personality to her 7w7).
MotherArmpit said…
Should have drawn a panel including the finger going inside Jade asshole, awesome story loved it
JustLooking said…
Love how Allison's hair is up...