The next morning at Jade's - part 2 - Alison and Jade

Hello lewdies 😘

Jade asked Alison to hide her eyes by wearing an eye mask. She is not used to doing this at all and is therefore really nervous. Sorry, as always, I saw things too big from the start, and had to cut the story into several more parts. Hope you like it ❤

Have a great day!

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Configerror said…
i LOVE where this is going and the character development. Amazing drawings as always, you make me want to get back into drawing.
Have you seen NotZackForWork, his drawings are inline with yours but yours are much higher quality.
Unknown said…
I have a feeling jade is ashamed of her penis and wants to get rid of it. I think it would make this world lewdua made more unique, to show not everyone can love and embrace their body. I kinda hope the story goes in that direction, even though I’m sure I’m in the minority of this thought...