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Morgan getting ready for her first judo lesson

No text version:

Hello lewdies

Just a fun idea I had for Morgan, to practice a sport on monday and friday evening after classes.

By the way, I'm currently working on a little extra SFW comic about it, and it's almost finished! I wanted to post both (this artwork + the story) at the same time, but I was too tempted for today, hehe ❤

Stay tuned! have a great day guys 😘

Hairy version: https://imgur.com/a/4lsrbkw

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Unknown said…
oooh is that a new character? i like her
LubitelOfHot said…
come on, baby, proceed, i wait. My dick is like a stone stick.
Rowan said…
What happened to the Locker Room comic with Nessie and Valerie? It's been months...
Puffin said…
Ugh when are we getting nessie and Valerie its been so long i can't wait :(
Puffin said…
Ugh when are we getting nessie and Valerie it been so long i can't wait:(
Unknown said…
Hopefully get more of this story expended on