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Jade - SFW

Hello lewdies 😘

I'm back after a mini vacation. During my little trip, I've doodled from time to time on the ipad.... and since I liked this sexy "SFW" Jade drawing so I decided to finish it tonight ❤ I hope you like it!

Also, Thank you for all your recent comments and messages about my last post. It warms my heart to be supported like this. Thank you so much! You guys are great ❤❤❤

Have a good day!

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Ipad version (rough) :


Unknown said…
I love everything you do. I have no other words but to continue doing what you do. I love all the characters that you have created... thank you for so much. Have a great week. :)
Unknown said…
Jade is so cute ❤❤
Unknown said…
i actually really like the art style of the sketch, maybe even more than your polished art!
JohnLyonard said…
She looks way more confident than the first time we saw her right ?
Michael Walczak said…
wonderfull, chosen for my new Smartphone-Wallpaper ;-)