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Work in progress

Hello lewdies,

A little update to tell you that I'm still working on the last part (the 6th) of the story with Alison and Jade. I got a little overwhelmed by the number of different shots that I've planed sooo ... I need a couple of days to finish. I hope you're excited like I am :3 

Stay tuned, have a great day, guys ❤


Fenrir said…
Looking forward to what happens next! I really like these two, I can't wait to see what their relationship becomes!

I think that Jade, whose more assertive and dominant than Vanessa was, can temper some of Alison's more reckless and potentially harmful behavior. Hopefully starting this new relationship will allow Alison to FINALLY clear the air with Vanessa and Karen too. But I also hope that Jade doesn't try to pretend to Val or others that she and Alison aren't a thing (although that might be a wake up call for Alison too, since that's kind of been what she's been doing for a while...).

Also Alison kind of owes David an apology for earlier... Just to at least say sorry for making him feel crappy and for cockblocking him with Tasha so many times.

Of course I'm still waiting for Karen to start dealing with HER issues and secrets too. Last we heard, chronologically speaking, she was rushing home to "help" Natasha with her trance after David called her and Alison left for Jade's place. Of course, 'help" usually only means one thing (cuddles), and Nessie STILL doesn't seem to know anything about that, or that it was an ongoing thing for years. I really hope that doesn't become a long standing state of affairs for them. I like Karen, but the secrets and lies of omission bother me.

That's the weird dichotomy to me. Alison was straightforward to the point of being rough on Nessie, but it was at least very honest and still loving. Meanwhile, Karen is sweet and doting to Nessie, but right now she has enough skeletons hidden in her closet to fill a cemetery... the thing that worries me about that is that there are already examples of Karen choosing to HIDE these things from Nessie. Secrets are always bad for relationships.

And then of course there's Val (speaking of potential secrets...). I wonder if Val and Alison don't get along because Val wanted Nessie and couldn't have her? But I wonder how that's going to play out. Given the Subway scene (Which I realize may or may not be canon or even relevant to the current timeline) it seems like a lot of people have their eyes set on Vanessa.


Sigh...this is my life now.
El Feo said…
when will it be finished? I already want to see the complete comic
Unknown said…
Soooooo excited for the next part!! 😍 I really have to restrain myself to not check every hour if the new part is up yet. 🙈
belvedere said…
I love how you're able to edge people for literal months.
Maín Odío said…
Another week waiting... I really hope you're ok, enjoying your life and I hope the slow cadence is just that no issues behind it. I hope you're fine, my admired.