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"Before you go" - Nessie and Karen

Hey lewdies ❤

Just a quick drawing of Nessie and Karen; this scene is related to an artwork I've made last year (this is actually what happened just before). Now we know Nessie was the mysterious person. Okay, it was pretty obvious, hehe^^

I'm gonna take some vacations, so I won't be able to draw for a few days. That's why I used a simple style without fancy shading because I had to finish before leaving :p 

See you all soon! Enjoy yourself and take care! Why don't you take a look to the other stories in case you missed anything? 😘

Have a great day!



Also, to reply to a few of comments... I love David, I love Alison, as much as the other characters, and I don't hate boys at all. I don't bully David, I don't bully Alison. I just try to tell stories with a bit of drama, like in... movies? books? comics? that means that conflict happens. Please don't take stories personally. It's just fiction (and I'm not a professional writer as well, just having fun :p).


Hairy version: https://imgur.com/a/anFZuYN


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L4nc3Murdock said…
I swear, every time you draw Nessie, her balls get bigger.
I like the style and Nessie's hair looks really nice. Enjoy your vacation, everyone needs a break sometime.
G30-metrY said…
To be honest, I love the way you tell these stories. Not sure how this could be translated into "hating" boys, but I guess perspective may have a hand in this. I love all the characters involved in all of your stories. As for David, I'm routing for him every time he's with Natasha. The scene where he woke up with Alison made me wish I were him, if for but a minute, just to feel that elation. Anyway, can't wait to indulge in the more to come (so to speak :P).
alexandre said…
thanks lewdua and don't let it go in your head i'm sure you got many fans and not a loot of haters thanks for your work.
NessiAlison said…
well. Yes it's correct. everyone has their point ... for example, david does not use me. I just hope that nessi and alison end up coming back and having something nice but I understood that your work is wonderful. don't take this personally as lewdua is wonderful and loves her istories. she draws very well and we must love her for what she is ... beyond drawing she is a great person ... thank you lewdua. Kisses. Nessi is beautiful in this video. I don't hate guys
Jawa said…
Very cute and hot as always, enjoy your vacation!
//シェル\\ said…
Lewd as always 🥰

And don’t worry about the commentary, at the end of the day, they’re just opinions, and even though we’re all entitled to have our own version of them, you’re in control of the stories you choose to tell, and as long as you’re having fun, you don’t need to sweat it!

We’re still going to love everything you put out there ❤️

Enjoy your vacation!
KOKAYI 005 said…
Compared to how mean Alison is being in the other update, this is a godsend. I just like seeing people who live each other enjoy each other's company. I dont like cheating, or cruel banter during sex, or cucking. Just happy tender romance.
Karen and Nessie are by far my favorite pair. I really hope we get more of this wholesome relationship and sex
Karen and Nessie are by far my favorite pair. I really hope we get more of this wholesome relationship and sex