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Back home - part 3 – Lola and Pamela

Hello lewdies!

Pamela got a magic penis by mistake (which is actually not really... common) and she's about to use it into Lola. This is the first time for her... She's feeling very awkward in this house, but so much horny not to resist anymore.

I hope you were excited to finally see how this scene ended! I spent ten nights on it, now I'll maybe draw shorter stories or artworks to relax a bit, I'll see :p

Anyway, stay tuned for the next! I have cool plans for my fantasy girls, ... this is not finished ❤

Have a great day 😘



Previous part of the story: https://lewdua.blogspot.com/2021/03/back-home-part-2-lola-and-pamela.html

Hairy version: https://imgur.com/a/0Hxhbwp

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Bonus: GIF version


Unknown said…
Shit that was so hot 🥵
Unknown said…
and the hairy version makes it 10x better.... for me anyway
Anonymous said…
I can't wait to see more of Lola's mom! Maybe helping out more "directly" next time
Anonymous said…
Then the mother whips out a fat strapon an plows Pamela from behind while she gives it to Lola.
Anonymous said…
Finally! Pamela is awesome in this form (and in native form.)
Aelalkau said…
Let the Mom jump in!
Anonymous said…
I wanna know when are you gonna make an animation of Lola and Pamela
KOKAYI 005 said…
What's up with Lola's mama? Lola and Pam are basically drugged but why does she want them to have sex so bad. And it seems like she kinda wants to pretend she banging both of them. I don't get where that fantasy came from in her mind.
Funtimefoxy said…
perfect just...perfect
Cheese said…
Chikn sandwich lmao
Unknown said…
This is my favorite series of yours, and this episode is so fucking good. The frame where the mom tells her to grab her giant hips got me so excited
Dr. Ben Dover said…
I love this! I just wish that Pam came inside Lola and filled her up.
Icy-Martini said…
Dat and is really great~~ love it❤️