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Natasha's victory - Alison and Natasha

It’s been a long time! I’ve spent more than one week on this story.

Alison, defeated, gently “offered” her butt as a reward for Natasha’s pleasure, and actually… really really loved it, even she won’t admit it. I wanted to draw Natasha enjoying the moment as much as possible, slowly sliding inside Alison from her favourite place. I always love seeing Alison losing her mind, so it was really arousing to make. I hope you’ll enjoy the story as well 😘❤❤❤

Have a great day!

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Fenrir said…
Anyone else curious what Karen did after slamming the door? Did she tell Nessie? Is she mad that Natasha is doing it with someone else? Is she angry that the someone else is Alison?

So many questions...

Sigh,... This blog is consuming my life. But I like it.
Jk said…
I wish I Was Alison i really wuld Love to Natasha Thick and fat Dick fuck my ass all day long