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Eating in secret - Natasha and Alison

Hello lewdies ❤

This scene takes place after the jog session with Alison. Natasha is eating tasty food in secret in the bathroom, and lied about it. She’s so experienced that she knows how to cum without touching it, if you remember :p

Well I just wanted to draw a single artwork at the beginning, and then… I added ideas and again and here it is… I hope you like it! 😘

Have a great day everyone

Bonus – screenshot from the last streaming session: Follow me on: https://picarto.tv/lewdua

Bonus 2: Natasha without condom :


Louise Draesia said…
I'd love to see more condom stuff ^^ good work lewdua! <3
Anonymous said…
Awesome burp from Natasha
Anonymous said…
as someone with a burping fetish, this comic was one of my favorites!