Almost back to normal - Lola and Pamela

“No text” version

Hey lewdies!

Lola said the magic formula, freeing herself and Pamela from their giant form. But she’s still a beginner… The result wasn’t what she expected, once again, and now they are also overly horny! Horny! By the way, mission complete: Lola and Pamela succeed their quest and brought home the dungeon treasure :3

I took the opportunity to change Pamela and Lola skin and hair. I’m sooo excit…. I know I say that I’m excited everytime I post, but… this time, even more, I think! I love how Pamela looks now. She is gorgeous ❤❤❤ I hope you’re excited too, or maybe horny

Have a good day, everyone 😘

Hairy version:

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Guiiug said…
Lively and horny for sure