Lewdua - End of summer

Hey lewdies! <3

My summer holidays are over! It was very cool. 

I visited french castles, caves, but also … shopping malls, hehe. I bought mangas, dvd, books on art… Actually, I did not leave long, and I have not stopped thinking about my characters and their stories. 

I also took the time to think about all my work and what I do. 

That’s right, I’ve been a lot messy lately, between all the crossover characters, Lola the potion seller, 3D, animations, art style changes, my own doubts, the development of secondary characters, unfinished stories … I had a bit of a headache and struggled to manage everything. 

I’m about to start by focusing on my main characters.

I want to bring Nessie and Alison back. I love those cuties. These are my babies. Without them I think I would not be here <3

I also plan to develop the world of Lola and Pamela in parallel. I have a lot of naughty and very different ideas from the other universe, and I need to draw them :3

For all the rest, do not worry, I’m not giving up anything. The secondary characters are always here and will sometimes appear when my heart will want it.

About “unfinished projects”, 

I’m really sorry. Most of the time, when I leave a story without continuation, it’s not for teasing you, it’s only because I’ve lost some of my motivation, and I’m missing elements deep inside me for to draw the continuation. Once I have a click, I promise you that I will make the continuation of “Morgan and Audrey, the teachers comic” (I actually receive a lot of messages and requests about this one), and the others … Though, I I will do my best to avoid it in the future.

I also wanted to say: Thank you so much! 

I am really flattered to be surrounded by this awesome community! I meet a lot of nice people, polite, courteous, cute and almost no haters. 

Thank you for all your likes, retweets, comments, shares, nice messages and emails. I’m full of happiness! And I’m sorry, I really cannot answer all your comments, but I swear that I take the time to read them all, one by one (if I can, I add a “like”) everywhere on the internet.

Thanks also to all my patrons on Patreon. I’m so grateful!

Thanks to my nice moderators and the Nitro boosters of my Discord server.

To finish

Here, lewdies, have a great day!
Please, enjoy my work, and share it <3
Thank you!