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Lola the potion seller - Introduction

In an ancient realm, far beyond the one we know, there exists a place of magic and wonder. Our story begins in a little kingdom shared by humans, elves, orcs, and other mysterious creatures. A few special humans in this world are born, at random, with the gift of magic. 

After years of study, they can learn to properly cast spells for battle, healing, or protection. Mystic arts are strictly controlled by the Grand Council of Magic. Misuse, in the eyes of the council, is punished severely.

Lola is an ordinary young woman living with her mother in a small house just outside the city. She is among those lucky enough to have acquired magical ability at birth. A rather shy and clumsy girl, she never showed as much promise as the others at school. Unable to get even a single diploma, Lola was denied access to large universities and a bright future.

Desperate to make money and to support her mother, Lola turned to alchemy, an intermediate discipline reserved for less promising students. Alchemists produce magical consumables, including potions of strength, health, mana, and charisma… these are not very powerful, but are cheap enough to be purchased by any adventurer in search of success. So, Lola spends her days brewing magical elixirs in a makeshift laboratory at the back of her mom’s kitchen, before selling them in the nearby city.

But, Lola has a well-guarded secret. She makes another class of potions, much more powerful, with effects as incredible as they are dangerous. They make it possible for a novice to temporarily surpass the skills of the great mages. Prohibited by the laws of the Grand Council, orders are made to Lola with extreme secrecy. No one can know of her underground business, not even family or close friends.

The main ingredient of Lola’s banned potions is hidden deep inside each of us. Many years of experience are required to extract the pure essence and transform it into an enchanted liquid. Out of sight, Lola collects this precious ingredient, applies a specific magic spell, and pours the solution into vials and flasks that she stores inside a hidden room near her lab.

Life is hard for young Lola. Our heroine needs to provide for herself and her family… but selling traditional potions is not enough. Whenever the opportunity arises, she collects the forbidden ingredient that keeps her business profitable. 

Perhaps one day, Lola will achieve her dream: to open a prominent potions shop in the capital of her land.


Hey lewdies,

I really wanted to make a short introduction for this new universe. The background story is pretty simple but I needed to explain it a bit before drawing lewds!

I hope you love Lola like I do, now! <3

Have a great day!

Thanks to PhDhentai (https://twitter.com/PhDhentai) for the english version of the text! <3