Hello everyone, I’m LEWDUA.

I’m an amateur artist and I've been drawing futanari and lewds -almost- every night for years. I love it! All my art is FREE

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Survey results + lovely messages

Hey lewdies,

Here are the final stats of my survey of 2019. I kept some parts for myself, especially because it’s hard to summarize everything :3

Have a great day!

Your 1987 lovely messages <3 Thank you so much!!

I love ur work

Awesome work! Keep it up..always enjoy your comics

I love your work!

Amazing art don’t ever stop

You’re doing awesome!

“Your doing great thanks for sharing your talents with us – By Ty sewell”

“I have notifications turned on so I can be the first to see your content. Please keep up the good work!! You are amazing! -CrunchySpaghetti ”

You’re the best and I love you’re work

I love your artwork

You are a beautiful soul and have brought such beautiful and amazing art in this world. Don’t let anything get you down. We will always be there for you in dark times and times of light. 💕💕💕


I love your art never stop

“I love your art so much!Keep up the great work! – From Emmie!”

ur cute

Favorite Futa artist, but dicks-

You’re doing a fantastic job keep it up. Ps: you make me cum a lot

You have lovely art skills

I just really got into this world of futa. I like that you make them real people with stories!

I like how you give an option to people who prefer hairy individuals

Honestly the only artist i follow regularly

uhhh Nice message!

Good job. Girl nuts

I love your art so much. Also i dont find any of the characters useless.

You’re awesome

It’s ya boi, toost just wanting to say use twitter you beautiful being

Love your artwork and your futa on futa art. some of the best!

Honestly just keep doing what you’re doing. its Amazing work!

your art is some of the best i have seen and keep it it up – halloween

I love you

Best futa art. EVER. Love you <3

Your art is simply amazing


You’re an amazing artist and I can’t wait to see how far you go in life!!

love your art :3 was just what i have been missing for quite some time ^^

Keep it up

I love your art so much! The expressions on their faces are 👌

luv u

Hi!! lmao

keep being original!

i love you and your art asmuch as nessie loves allison youre a wonderful person a great artist and i thank you for your effort ♥

I love your art so much its cute and sexy at the same time

i love you, youre awesome, big inspiration!

You have some of the best drawings I’ve ever seen

I always have love for your art and it’s always nice to see when you post. -Mdhughey

“You are a wonderful artist with a fantastic community. Love to you, Miss Stella and Chloe – with all the love in the world, Princess Emerald”

Do the thing!

You are my favorite hentai artist, i love your with my heart and dick (lol)

Your futas are super sexy!

have a funny picture of a dog https://i.imgur.com/S53VMz5.jpg

You’re a great artist! I love your work!! <3 Sincerely Meow <3

I’d buy physical media (like books), but not shirts or like mugs.

You’re a good artist

amazing stories. would love to see more from nessies first boyfriend was a genuine nice story. and i love the fact you have hairy thing by themselves. and its really nice that you have a constant flow of content creation compared to some of the other artist.

Keep up the good work and keep thos dicks a growing

Still waiting for the crossover

Splitapollo – Your art is top tier bb makes me cum everytime

Keep on the good work love everything you have done so far. <3

Keep posting!

You were one of my first futa artists that I found and you’ve always been my favorite -Fleet

Hey! You do great art and have fun and quirky characters 🙂 keep on going and do your thing! Please keep on making the hairy versions :3

i love the stories youve created for us, and how smoothly they’ve all connected together over time❤ it makes all of the story more satisfying -BirbDad

I love how cute you draw your girls ^-^. I also love how your art evolves with time. Love you ^-^ and my name is sylica telca

I found out about your art on e-hentai and a friend invited me to your discord and the mesh of the lewdness and story had me excited for more! Thank you! – CrypticNight

♡ I absolutely adore you’re work, and I look forward to each and every art you put out ~Lilly U’rehl

I really appreciate the way you drop but they’re very wonderful. Your characters are lovable and a very well fleshed out.

Im bad at these, i really enjoy your artwork, not just in the lewd way, tho thats a big part of why i enjoy them UwU. I’m happy you can spend time of your life to do something you love, i can feel the passion poured into every detail of your drawings. idk how to end this, pls keep going strong. -salami

I really love the art the you do and I hope you have a nice day. – IDKhonestly

Friendly and good artist

Becky. Lemme smash. Plz. (Dead memes!)

“Tu es génial lewdua, tu fait des dessins géniaux continue comme ca ^^ tu alimente mes rèves d’être un jour une Futa 😀 / you’re wonderful Lewdua, you’re making amazing drawing, you make me dream even more to be a futa 😀 – Anna <3”

“You’re great” – A real human

Your work is absolutely amazing. Love the characters and the stories between them that really share the romantic and sexual passion between them. Keep it up!

I absolutely LOVE your work and all the characters you’ve created. Keep up the good work Lewdua!~

Your style is really good and I love you. – DiabolusSex

You’re awesome and I love your artwork please bring us more


I LOVE your work. You are the besta porn artist for me. There is no one like you. I believe that you are the number one futa artist. Your work is actually perfect and you are so good at making some interesting stories. You are the besta and some day your art will be known by everyone in this community

You draw some of the nicest balls I’ve seen! -Chao

Your art and characters are really cute and lewd. 10/10 always beat my meat when they appear on my screen

Nessie and her long dick is the best, can’t see enough of it!

Lewdua is dope af yo

You are one of my favorite artists. I enjoy your style a lot, and find it really cute.

“Came for the cute futas, stayed for the story… and more futas 😄 -picardde”

You seem like a pretty cool person

You’re one of my top 3 futa artists!

Keep up the good work

Goat – I always look forward to your work, Futa Forever

You is te best

May Ranald smile upon you and Shallya keep you in good health

You are amazing and you art is so well done and really hot, keep making arrangements like you do and you will solve war😆

I’ll click the button below and i hope you’re not lying

Keep doing amazing work and perverting the world !

“you can do it” rob schneider

Your work is magical

Very fine work, makes me feel a little less dead inside. ~Taika

You are one of the first NSFW artist I found, and I have been enjoying your work ever since. No regrets!

In not so much good with words but…. I only want to Say thank you. For what you do for All of us really you do fantastico art ,not only for FAP u know masturbate but I mean my own and true art, fantastic drawings and very often funny stories. and that’s why I just want to say thank you and keep going like that😁

Keep up the the good you sexy beast

Love you <3

Hey Lewdua, I love watching and scrolling through your content. It both livens up and brightens my day. You’re awdsome keep it up.

I appreciate you as an artist, and do love the work you do!

Hewos my names Suu Suu the futa and mes are slimes so I am here to supports you and I am glass and other that you exists to puts this beautiful works so we can watch and read what you have created keep the good works ^^

You’re one of the most passionate artists I know and you inspire me!

I have loved your work ever since I first saw it almost 2 years ago. Keep up the good work and thank you for being so involved with your community.

“Gunner from the discord which you’ve only talked to for uh… four times? A long time ago though. I love the art as always and while this may sound overexaggerated seeing your art always gives me a good day to look forward to.
i doubt you’ll ever do this but I’d love to see some futa on male domination, fingers crossed though. Best of wishes to you!”

Big 🍆 is good I like it

I like to think that you would be a nice person if we ever meet, nvm i clicked the awnser and no futa showed up >:[ lier…

I love the passion and sexual tension that you show in your characters. I love the fact that you care a lot about what your fans want. Most of all, I love embarrassing scenarios and the caring affection that your characters show for one another. It’s like stepping into the clouds of a dream.

Ur awesome keep doing you I’d pipe irl tbh

“well I love your art, as a artist myself your one of the many inspirations I have to try and get better. your creativity is amazing and I hope you keep it up – kakacarrotcake”

The1manArmi- keep doing you lewdua, you art style is so apealling to me its hard to find amazing art like yours!!! ^-^

Love your art style and also happy that all those years of French that I took can get used!

Love you art, it’s as wholesome as it is sexy. I hope you have a great life 🙂

This might seems a bit simple, but i like your work.

Keep up the good work, would love to see more of Morgan and the lit teacher

I love your art. Curious how well you could draw furry art.

Your art is wonderful and i believe you are a fantastic artist

You make Fantasic art!

Keed drawing this kinky things that I like♡

You’re the best!

Keep the incest coming

Keep the great work, you got something with your characters and stories !

Your futa art is definetely some of the best out there, keep it up man


As a trans woman it’s rare to find futa artists that don’t tend to piss me off, but ever since I discovered your art I’ve been absolutely in love 😍😍😍

“Hiii, i would just like to say that i love your entire universe created around nessie and the others. The romance really makes the sex feel more impactful, and you are a fantastic artist as well! Don’t want to bore you too much, so i shall go back to lurking and watching after sharing some love :3 love you and your work, will support you always <3 smooch smooch – lurking fan”

You are a great artist and keep up the good work!!

If you come out with merch I’ll take pics with it! <3 no shame I wear ahegao in public

Best western futa artist, I love your content’s simple and sweet nature as opposed to other extreme fetish artists

(Nickname: The Lewd Donor) Your art is fucking gorgeous. Like wow you’ve made me into hairy now. Also your characters I love. Don’t stop the good work and keep it going for ever. Yours truly, The Lewd Donor

I love what you do!

wholesome characters who r completely lewd

“You’re an amazing artists, you have amazing characters, i could not answer the question about anyone being useless, cuz none of them are useless. They all have a purpose in your stories. – From Decay”

Thanks for the art! -lee

You are quite a lovely person. While I haven’t known you long I love that you interact with your audience. I am glad I got to know you and glad I get to talk to you nearly everyday. -Rose

Keep up the great art

You’ve got some of the best 2d Futa I’ve seen and I can’t get enough of it

You are a wonderful, positive influence in my life, and I love your dedication to your craft

I love the consistency of your work, both the art and the overall output of content. I always look forward to your new work and it’s never too far away <3

You’re a wonderful person and a wonderful artist <3

Your amazing


Love you lewdua

You are a really good artist, and I really like your work, keep at it! – Matzzzor

I’m so glad I was introduced to your art work. I have a huge things for futas and love your work.

Keep it upilove ur artwork and the ‘plot’ of ur stories

You have the best art alongside Aya. Keep up the good work.

Continue your work, it’s by far the best futa artwork i’ve seen

Great art! Never been disappointed your going to have great time here -Albim

Je suis monté! Tu devrais comprendre en tant que confrère baguette!

I personally love your art and character keep up the great work and hope to tap to your comics in the future! – Mista Hentai @HentaiMista on Twitter

Your so talented!

Your Artwork is really amazing plus your discord community are fun people. -MioDioDaVinci

I like very much your character and ero desing of your stories

You’re a great artist and I love you and your work. Please keep up the Loving characters and great work

your art is great i love it please don’t try to force your self with it take you time and enjoy it thank you for being alive

Praise Lewdua

I love your art 😍❤️

You’re a cutie and your art is pretty 😊

I really love your work!! Keep up the good and cute work!! <3 – Frosty Sailor

Love ya 😘

Your art always make my day

Thank you for spreading the joys of futanari.

Your art helps me keep my life together

Your great

I love your work.

You’re super sweet and I love your art and storytelling very much! I love how you stay so true to your characters and their preferences! Please never stop doing it! 💕 – Emi

Your the best and coolest futa artist I know! 💜

I love your futas and I super love when they’re in public trying to avoid being noticed

You’re a very talented artist and your is exceptional I can’t wait to see more

It was nice getting to meet you and be a part of the community you made, I really do need to get back into things now that life has slowed down ^^;;…miss all you guys <3 ~Spork

I love your work, it makes me seriously wish futas were real. -Scorcher

Just love love your stuff and keep this lewd & awesome work goin!

Your work really is good and I really happy every time you release a new one! Keep like that 🙂 following you since some years and it just gets better! My username is @Sereseli97.

” l like how you draw Dick’s” you can call me penguin

Good luck for the future and continue drawing, you are a good artist 😘

Que l’inspiration t’accompagne toujours pour que tu puisses faire ce que tu aimes !

You da bestest out there, nickname: snusnu

Keep up the great work ❤️. ED

You are the best ! 😘

Keep up the good work, you are one of the best futa drawers out there

Love your hairy alts. Not enough artists do them, icle.

I wish you a great day and hope I did this survey in a way thats okey with you ^^

you should definitely make messie and alison boobie mousepads

Your art and character interactions are absolutely adorable. You do a satisfying job at building wholesome relationships for your ocs.

Lewdua, you draw the best futa artwork I’ve seen in a very long time. Keep making the strives and keep up the good work.

Love what you do, keep it up!

Stay Happy =)

You make me wish futas were real!!!!! xoxo katze

Your stories and characters are beautiful! Thank you for creating them! 💜


It’s lit!!!!!

Thanks for the great work you do (^з^)-☆

I love your work Lewdua! Especially Natasha and Karen! ^^ Natasha is totally my waifu.

I love ya. Chris2k

I love your work, i found it on complete accident while browzing PH, and ever since its been my favourite 18+ art. I never thought someone would go these lenghts to draw futanari for the few who dare to show their support. I hope youll keep doing what youre doing, its truly the best!

I love your characters so much! They feel like real people and the universe feels so real. Idk how you are doing personally but I hope you are well and taking care of yourself. <3

Your work is my main inspiration for drawing

You’re art work is amazing and I think you will go very far in this. So keep doing what you love and we will keep loving it. Shadow’Nexus

A long time fan of your art, wish I could get back into it myself to make fanart of your many cute characters to share with you

your art work and gifs are amazing keep up the good work

“I really love your works ever since I found your pixiv acc. -Hikari ”

You’re honestly one of the best futa artists there are, and the only reason I wouldn’t buy your merch is ’cause I’m broke.

Your art is beautiful.

Keep up the good work! The quality is very good

I love you!

Your art is very dynamic, and exciting 😉

Keep doing what your doing. You are my favorite futa artist to date, and that won’t change.

You’re really good at what you do! I wish I could draw half as good as you, that I’d be playing with myself to my own pictures!~<3 -JellyJam

You seem like a pretty cool dude AND you draw hot art. Cool and good.

I love your work. That’s it. I’m not good with emotions. I’m jade

I discovered your art last year and I have been a fan ever since, this little universe you have made is really fantastic and I look forward to seeing more from it in the future.

I love you

I love your drawing style, and the pubic scenes

your a very talented artist and im glad to have found your work i really like the pic you did of the girl sucking her self as she draws reminded me if the i can only draw while i masturbate comic i saw

The art is fantastic! The stories are great too! Bonestly the best futa artist I’ve encountered.

Your art is quite lovely!

Keep up the good smuts yo~ DecentPerversion

I love your art and what you do -Starrk/Rays

keep up all the lewds!

Strapy and Lewdua are the best!

Your doing great and the fan base is just as good. Dont let anything stop you from growing this place more. Your amazing not just in your artwork but in yourself as well. Your a wonderful person and deserve the best in life. I hope to see you at the top of the futa world and one thing is for sure I’ll be there to watch and support you all the way. Cause I want you to succeed and get better. Have a Great day. Good luck and never stop no matter the obstacle.

Si vous êtes en France j’adorerais vous rencontrer

You’re amazing

The bus comic gets my rocks off like no other

love your art i check everyday just in case you post something

I found about you not too long ago, and I’ve fallen in love with the short comics, with your characters and the interactions among them. You have something amazing here, please keep going and make more and more! We will be reading your stuff (>v<)

foamysock gives lots of futa kisses to you <3

Your art is awesome please keep being cool

You draw erotica the right way. No shame conveyed in your characters, and they feel like real people that you can emphasize with.

I hope you stay mentally healthy, since working on projects like these can drain your soul and will. Don’t overwork yourself

Love the art keep it up

You’re an amazing artist with a very vivid imagination keep doing what you’re doing I like everything

Looked up “quality” in the dictionary. You were the definition. -Zody

One of the best artists around.

I love you’re art and I don’t find any of your characters useless in anyway. (Chose Alice randomly cause I thought the survey wouldn’t complete if I didn’t choose.

You’re one of the most wholesome porn artists I’ve known

I love your futas!

“I love you are work don’t stop for anyone and give yourself breaks every now – XOXO – Tron8100”

Your work has always captured my interest and I absolutely love the content you’ve done and that we’ve made together! -Hetzilver

you are the one who really made me love futa so much thx and go on <3

Amazing artwork! Not only is it sexy but the story’s behind the characters are adorable as well. The art style is amazing and even the non-sexual scenes are nice to read!


I like your stories, all of them are like happy fucking. I love that.

You are a hero in the futa business

You are a great artist!

Love your art, when I first saw it I fell in love with the characters

love the art!!!

Pgood art tbh

You have pretty amazing artwork, and I would love to draw just like you.

Keep doing my life a little less hard

Was so glad to find an artist pretty much dedicated to drawing cute and sexy futa gals. There’s not enough of those around 🙂 (nickname: QuantumNukaCola)

You are a fantastic artist and a wonderful person!!! Keep it up!!!

Thanks a bunch for the great stories and artwork!

You make good girls with good dicks. Keep doing that. –baku

I luv you and your work so much, you’re the best 💕

I like your work because it gives a bit of representation to Trans characters in hentai universe (that’s why I would like your art to be more down to earth actually)

Lexyz here, Your art is great always improving and improvising. Your work, i have no words for it, i just love it ♥

I love your universe please I need more of it

You’re my favourite artist, and it’s been inspiring to see your art improve. I love all of your characters and adore your dedication to keeping their actions in character. Seeing a notification from your timeline brightens up my day, and I really wish I had the money to donate to your Patreon. Love you, and have a great day!

Never give up

Keep enjoying what you do. Trust me we all do~ Lupine260

Keep it up! Your characters are great and your art just keeps getting better! – Sablemoon

I love your work and I hope you keep making amazing things <3

You are one of the only consistent futa artis

Hi, I’m Marshall, a big fan of your work! Your storytelling is my favorite part of your work, and look forward to the new combined character setting!


Youre arts just constantly improving i love you’re themes and style as a whole 🙂

Thanks 4 your art keep working (sorry 4 bad english

it is nice to have an artist like you around

You manage to make it both sexy and talented , of you ask me you re the best around at the moment ! Temudjin

“Luv ur bob and penial instrument

You make really great art and I think everyone should admire it! 10/10 – EriethePrincess

i just love your art but i dont want you to take any charictors out

Your art work is quite impressive

I’m happy your characters are very into what they do

Love your work

Keep up the quality work – Xiro

Gotta love finding an artist whose work you can love ~Toby

I enjoy the adventures of Nessie and Alison. Please keep it up.

Your art is truly some of the best I’ve seen and your characters are all some of my favourites. Your style is truly unique and recognizable and you seem like a very nice person in general. You have real talent for this and could make some serious money (if you’re not already, I haven’t checked your patreon). Also consider animation sometime <3.

I’m ALWAYS eager and waiting for the next art you post <3 one of my FAVORITE futa artists of all time.

It is very unusual to see an artist who draws with the level of quality that you do and who cares so much about their characters and the community they’ve built. Congratulations!!

I love you and your art so much please never stop drawing and making art my goddess

I love your stuff, I follow you and Shadman as far as lewd artists are concerned, I absolutely love your work keep making great stuff ^^

Keep up the good work! ~Grach~

Keep pushing on! You’re doing very well!

Till now you’ve done a great job and I expect a lot of great work in the future! Keep it up.

Hi <3

Love your art and dedication to the fans.

“I love your work and have been following since “”Sex on the Bus”” and instantly fell in love with your style, your characters and with your personality witht he community. Joined the Discord and appreciate the group(s) you’ve managed to attract. heres to even more years of Futa!

Keep going !

You are amazing and I love what you do. Im glad I found you when you started and saw your art develop

Don’t push your self too hard ok 😉

I love your art and the stories you write for them. You draw beautifully.

“I love all your characters, Karen especially, and I always look forward to your next piece <3 ~Ryusei”

To be honest, your art is what I look forward to by the end of the day

I really REALLY like your art, it’s really smooth n really nice with those big loads your characters usually blow… A lot of nice scenes which they indulge their sexual desires 🙂 Love Raven

I appreciate your artwork very much! Thank you for creating it!

There is only one of you. So keep doing you. And remember, you are some one reason to masturbate.

You do amazing work, and I am so glad I found you before Tumblr blew up, I look forward to all of the work you have coming force in the future and I would love nothing more than to see you go mainstream and to share your talents with the entire world, I will always be rooting for you and support you the best way I can. Sincerely Tarikus

You are an excellent artist that inspires me to strive further.

keep doing what you’re doing, you’re great !

You Are Awesome


Câlins et papouilles <3 -Pan

I love you <3

I can feel the love coming out of your art. Its good stuff!

You’re one of the best universe builders out there

Crimson018. Keep up the hard for sil the hard people.

Really fun universe with a well set, diverse cast of characters. Nice. ~Oreo

Keep up the good work.

Marsupio : j’adore l’ensemble de ton travail <3 , tu le mérite vraiment <3

I love you and everything you do. Love your style also. Stay awesome! ~Sayuri <3

Love your work.

You were the artist that got me into patreon and supporting artists. I’ve been infatuated with your art ever since ~Nep

Your drawing style is super pretty I especially like how you draw lips

Thank you for always posting amazing content!

Love your art, best art style, ever. ~ Ghaleon

Your art makes my brain go wild for futa cuddles

You are my favorite futa artist!

“YOU MAKE ONE OF THE BEST FUTA ART EVER! I love fapping to your art.
— Vinyl Flames”

Love ya work and keep at it

Love your work, always happy when you post something new.

Hello! I really love your art, and your art inspires me to make my own hentai stuff. ❤❤❤

Love your work! 💜

I love your artwork! Always makes me smile when you post new work! 🙂

Always a pleasure to see your art pop up when im on Twitter. ^w^

Even if you didn’t do hentai, you have one of my favorite art styles I’ve seen online ♡

Yo Deadass, i love Alice

t’es kawaii :3

I’m sorry I answered that I won’t buy any of your stuff. I love your art but I’m poor :C No need to display this message. Please don’t stop drawing! You keep improving and I love how you draw fat, juicy futacocks.

I supercalifragilisticexpialidocious love your characters and your creativity. PERIOD!

Real cute and charming world, not only dumb banging, it’s ice to see porn with plots and characters with actual personnalities evolving with each others. Keep doing good.

Love you btw

Your art is so great!

Keep up your amazing art! -Crazy_A

stay hard and wet you lust filled beast :kiss:

Thanks for all the time and dedication you put into your work, it shows <3

I like your pictures and the stories. Keep it up.

Just keep up with lewds (°^°)

I would love to own a hard-copy/physical artbook featuring your drawings to add to my erotica collection. Kkeep that in mind! And have a fappy day! -Taylor

“I absolutely love your artwork and the fantastic community it has brought together! Keep up the beautiful work you amazing person you.

Also come out with merch so I can throw money at you. <3 ”

Your an amazing artist keep up the good work and I suggest you should make like a mini story I think it would be awesome but other than that your good 😁

Absolutely adore your art, all of your characters look so happy and loving! Please never stop making such amazing pieces~

Dear Lewdua- I love your work and I can see that your putting more effort into them with every new project! ^^ Keep up the great work! <3 -aaries0330

Thank you for drawing i really enjoy it and hope one day i can be half as beautiful as your characters i’m a trans-women myself “crazycatzuly”

Love your art keep it coming

Your art is amazing. I always look forward to your posts.

keep doing what you’re doing, I love you’re clean Art style, and also i have a thing for self sucking and not much Futa stuffs have that so draw more if u can, glad i could take part in this survey, thanks.

You’re doing a great job.

Keep up the good work <3

Hi, i love you work. Idk it’s something about how you handle the interactions between your characters that just make your artwork special to me. Keep up the great work 👍

Love your stuff, keep doing what you enjoy <3 – FuFee

I just wanted to say that I love your work and I’m a huge fan, I really hope your shared universe does great and I know that with time and effort, it can be something amazing because you have so much potential <3 <3

I love your art, your characters are cute in their own way

Its ya boy, uhh, skinny penis- rip vine 2k16

I don’t want a futa to appear behind me

thanks for filling the world with much needed futa <3

Your art is a gift from the lewd gods

You draw the best balls!

I love your art style and that your characters have actual personalities and backstories.

You seem pretty cool, plus your characters are pretty cool too

“I love your art work and drawings


I love your artstyle and can’t tell the enormous love and passion you put into each master piece you create. Keep do what you’re doing family😉

Lewdua, I’m a newer follower and all I have to say, is I LOVE your work. I’ve seen your work all over the sites I’m on and never really knew who you were as an artist as I didn’t really follow back then, just browsed, but once i saw loads of your work all over the place, I decided to delve into some research, and to all the non believers, LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT EXISTS, I immeadiatley fell in love with your personality and your community, it’s all just so great and I’m glad i got bored in calculus and decided to do my research, cause I don’t know where I would be right now. So now I can tell all my friends, calculus is the reason I love futa. LMAO.

I love your art style it is the only one I have truly connected with. I love your characters and drive for the community keep up the great work – Sylviaarbitrator

You’re a QT futa lewdist. ;^D

i like your work

Continue your work, I love it

I think you’re an amazing artist and you have made my evenings happier more than once. 😉 Take that as you will.


Keep going balls deep!

“I adore your art
Your characters are damn hot
I can’t wait for more

That was a haiku, i’m not that good at ik but i think i got it right but i wanted to let you know i apreciate your art. Best wishes from belgium or like we say it: Beste wensen en nog een fijne dag.”


Thanks for drawing amazing art 😍

I love how you tell cute and naughty stories

You’ve a lovely set of equipment

I like your art and keep it up <3 Alma Vanilla

keep drawing ya sexy art 😉

From the moment I found your work I fell in love. It’s the right amount of erotic mixed with fun and heart warming content. I really wish you’d raffle off a chance to appear in your comic because I’ve wanted to get turned into a dump for Natasha since I met her. <3<3<3

I’m always eager to check out your art it’s that good

An almost endless stream of faps have been provided.

Penis :3

I love you and you’re the best. I’ve never followed a futa artist this long! I.R

I have never met an artist so open that has such a talent for making these gifts, your elements in these artistic performances and letting us share our opinions with you and such make me revere for you, for they are stunning and majestic. I really do hope you go further and beyond in improvement and one day make a name for yourself. We love you with all our hearts and we hope to see more of you in the future! (if this does appear, I would like my nickname to be Boyhalla, good day now~)

I love your artwork and your characters! I eagerly await every new update! – The Rabbit

You’re so lovely and thanks for inspire me with your histories. ATTE: Yuzu Aihara

Honestly, your art is great, Ive been trying to develop this skill for so lomg to mo avail, it’s truly a talent you have Lewdua. I would love to have a step by step how you can learn how to draw futa in your style. ~Lex

Lewdua is such a great artist. She honests gives me such inspiration to not only write me own stories but I looks at her work to get my mind out of a rp stall when I can thinks of the words I looking for. I would loves to meet any of the characters she has and not just for a sexual encounter but to gets to know & cuddles cause I loves how soft they all looks. Keeps up the great work! –BunBun

I’ve always loved the art and you as a person arm cool too! Keep it up and make them balls swing~

Love your work and commitment <3

Love your work! All of the characters are amazing! Also, I’d love to see more between Alice and that girl from the video game blowjob and the beach! Also, I love the GIFs!

*Hands over futa arist award statue* (just like oscar award but the figurine holds it’s futa cock)

I love your art, you’re the best futa artist by a large margine and cant wait to see more from you!

Love your work it is so enjoyable to look at and I’m so happy I found your art -foxoftaintedlight

10/10 Would Msterbate Again – Love And War II

Thanks for all the lewds!

Thx for being a huge inspiration <3

I love your artwork and i don’t think there is anything you need to change i really look up to you and your art style. Kai330

I love your art and your creativity

I love how emotionnal and full of heart your characters feels. Keep on, your stuff is really good !

The love you have for the characters and the love between them is so vivid; I love how you care so much! Keep putting love into your art.

I love your artwork its amaizing i World love u to finísima yogur work about Morgan roswood and te other tercer, greetings.

I love your work, and I hope to see your skills and your cash flow grown in the future. (I’d wish that your popularity increase as well, but tbh that shit is for the birds as long as your money is right.)

Keep goin

Your work is amazing and I hope you can do what you love forever.

Love your work <3

You redeem the french a little.

Your art is amazing, it’s a one of a kind, not only is it arousing, but the story behind it is understandable and amazing

I like to masturbate to your scenes and characters 🙂

“Your doing something unique here, and I and many others appreciate it. Keep going and keep making your art better. Keep expanding your characters and shaping your story to your liking. I’m just a fan but there are a lot of us. I can tell. So never think you don’t have anyone cheering you on. Do whatever you want. We’ll support you.


i like your art and if your french j’aime les baguette lmao

“I want to make out with Alice <3 Natasha and Karen OTP”

“I like your work ! Futanaris made me discover one hell of a kink and i when i find out that tu es française, i felt like i had to follow you and your work.

Speaking of which, i just love your art tho, and your character all have their way to get to the reader’s heart with their own personnality (Nessie is so fricki’n cute tho uwu)

Anyway, just to say that ya better keep that awesome work going as long as you can and enjoy it. And may the force baguette be with you. :3

– Kyle”

I wuv u and your art, never stop ùwú

Nickname: Uuriya. I love how sexy, yet wholesome, your artwork and stories are.

I like your style and story telling. Definitely like the big boner packing characters you’ve made. As well as the busty ones!

Yeet my Meat, Rosewood

I love your characters so much, teachers are my fav im their loyal pet and wish one day i could have my guy (still working on) drawn with them

You are a good artist with a unique style in my opinion and one of my favs so nice job and good luck

Love ya and your lewd, cute art ❤

I like your work 🙂 And the positivity you send along writh every post.

Dick girls are cute. -Random guy

You’re my favourite artist 🙂

Thanks for appealing to my niche :))))))))))

A Universe too cute, would a world we live in <3

If you love what you do, then we too

(Finger Guns)

Hot stuff to make me cum over and over again.

Thank you for everything that you do especially keeping your content free for those of us that enjoy your content but cannot afford to support you monetarily. I love your work and the characters you created. Keep up the good work doing what you love.

Love all your work, and all your characters differently. I love that you put them all in the same universe now.

It’s amazing how inspired you are with your job. Sometimes it’s not just about ‘making things for people jerk off to’. It stopped feeling like that long ago and now I just love to read about the characters’ lifes and that’s really amazing (:

“I‘m completely happy when I see newest art from Lewdua
and if it gets thoroughly messy it was probably Nessy <3”

I really, REALLY like your work. Keep it up


Love all the work you have done so far. I’m sure i’ll love whatever you do next 🙂

Your art has some of the best and most consistent storytelling I’ve seen. – K9

I can’t really say anything else but I love your work and hope you continue making it. <3

KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! -A mysterious commenter

Your art is quite enjoyable, especially since it always has a fun story behind it. And everyone knows how much of a big difference that can make. So keep it up Lewduarino and provide us with more cute futas having a fun time in the next years as well!

At first I wasn’t so sure about the whole futa thing but after looking at your art for awhile now, you’ve branded my horizons and I thank you 😊

You have large homosexual ~onte

I love you!!!!

I love your work and creativity!! -Zombie

You do such a fantastic job on making a wonderful universe filled with unique characters! -PK35

Hi Lewdua, i love you and your work <3. Keep going~ – Matt

L’un/une des meilleure(e) dessinateur(trice) (voir le/la seul(e)) de futanari en France que je connaisse. (Wow la phrase est lourde avec le sexe non determine) Evidement comme tout le monde, l’envie de te rencontrer en irl est bouillante (surtout quand on sait que t’es dans le pays… merde j’ai une erection ^^). Dans ma ville, je lutte pour “introduire” le hentai dans les moeurs (via des ptites conferences) mais c’est pas facile car le francais est un pervers “cache” (ils sont curieux mais veulent surtout pas avoue que ca les interressent. Tres bizarre mais l’histoire du pays y est pour quelque chose; Bref). Si tu veux en debatre, je suis ouvert (sans mauvais jeu de mots, je te vois venir… meme ca je devrais pas le dire…). Je suis discret quand je connais pas mais comme tu vois j’ai beaucoup de choses a partager ^^. Oh on me connais sous le pseudo d’Ultramadguy. En tout cas, merci pour tout, surtout continue ce que tu fais, t’arretes pas (ca me rassure que tu sois dans mon pays, je me sens moins seul mais ca m’inquietes parcequ’on est pas legion… d’un cote vaudrait mieux pas) et reste comme tu es!

You da best and make great futa art -Fish

I absolutely love your work and how you’ve taken the thought and effort to actually create a universe with feelings and meaning between the characters while still keeping us entertained and aroused. You are my favorite artist and I love what you do, keep up the drawings 🙂

Your draw great art and I’d love to see more comics.

I really love you comics -ahenti

One of the only couple of good western futa artists out there, especially since you always include the big yummy balls.

I love your art, probably my favorite futa artist and the reason why I got into futa stuff

You are a fantastic futa artist

I’m awkward soooo…. *insert nice thing here*

Your art is awesome and lovably lewd

Don’t let anything or anyone slow you down, you do great work

Your art makes me really happy!! Your stories are extremely sexy, intense and full of sweet emotions. Thanks for being the best! – Vivian

“Every time you upload a chapter or even anything on Twitter I have the biggest smile on my face.
I love your work and I hope you never stop making stop and if you take time making your manga it’s fine because longer duration means better content <3”

Keep up the good work -Dekomlev

Your art is amazing!

Lewdua, your art style is unique! Please follow your passion! Don’t give up, I love you so much!!

I really like your work, I think that the art style is phenomenal and I hope that you continue to enjoy your passion.

Your artwork is great! (Wow, real original right)

You madam and/or sir are an amazing artist who creates what they love doing. I hope you achieve great things in life, don’t let those negative comments bring you down!

Love your art keep it up!

You’re art is amazing! It never fails to give me excitement and pleasure

I’ve had a deep interest in the concept of futa for a long time but your artwork truly made me accept how much I love them. -Droopy

I found out about you not to long ago, I am glad that I did. Keep up the amazing work! -Kerby

You are one of the best futa artists out there! Thank You for amazing art and wonderful community You have built. I Wish You never run out of inspirations!

Yes, my nickname is robomax

It’s so hard to find flaws in your work, since I’m not that critical of drawings, and your storytelling and style is the perfect combination of lewd, cute and wholesome <3

Lewdua’s work is sweet, sexy, and a joy to read.

Thanks for always making the sauce very much appreciated

Love the are and you are a beast, keep it up and stay awesome – The King👑

Lewdua is my favorite futa artist. Whether it was a comic or just a picture, it always amazes me how talented Lewdua is. Keep it up, sweetness. To the top, always ♥

This isn’t nice but I feel it must be know *ahem* how dare you make me choose a character to be “the most useless” they’re all lovely and you shouldn’t put your characters down like that

Keep up the good work, there ar only a few good futa artists out there and you are one of them would be sad to loose you. Greetings from D3str0y3r176

Jesus is a bread

Lewdua is an amazing artist. She is truly dedicated to her craft. I love her characters and the situations they get themselves into. She is definitely one of my favorite hentai artists out there.

You have tremendous artistic skill.

You do great work, and have the best futas

I <3 you 🙂 – Toma

Lewdua makes the sexiest, hairiest futanari balls <3

“FukateXeno- I love your work, style, characters, and universe. Some merch would be excellent, especially posters.
#Balls4life ✌”

I love pour stuff, please continue <3

Your work is great 😀

Love your work, keep going Sweetheart ♥

10 out of 10 would fap to it agian

Boop da snoot

I love your art so much! just the universe you create is more then just porn/hentai but real characters with a personality and loving characters

i love your art style and the story you implement in it also the incest is 10/10

I like the wholesome relationships between your characters and genuinely love the story.

Keep it up lewdua we all really enjoy your art and you make our lives better and more happy by giving us such beautiful art to read! Your discird community has given me many new friends and I hope that you continue to thrive and succeed on your art endeavours for many years to come! – from a little bunny

Art is amazing storytelling is on point

Your comics are great. I love the characters and the stories you make for them.

J’ai découvert ton travail un peu par hasard et j’ai vite était conquis par ce style, l’évolution entre temps étant tout aussi agréable a observé. Je regarde régulièrement se qui se passe concernant toi, tes publications, ta communauté malgré le fais de n’avoir jamais participé, je suis plus de la masse silencieuses, je profite donc de ce moment pour dire que j’adore ce que tu fais et j’espère de tout cœurs que tu continuera encore longtemps et surtout que tu continue de aimer se que tu fais !

a nice message

keep up the nice dick drawings – futalad589

I really love your art and Nessie and Alison are so cute together ❤

ExtraChrispy says, “I love these characters and the style. Keep up the great work. Keep expanding the Lewdua U! ^u^/

ily ur the best uwu

Excellent work! Best futa artist out there

Ah I see you are also a man of culture

LunarBlade13 on Discord. I really love your art. I love the characters and the art style as well as the fact that you do hairy alts they’re the ones I always looks at if available <3


I love your art

“Since I dicovered my futa kink I’ve been searching for a good artist drawing cool, loving, kinky futa art, months passed with no avail until I came across with your art two years ago. The first story I encountered was the “”Kitties can’t wait”” since then seen your work is like a perfect, healthy drug. Seen how the characters develop, the situations they live, the inmense love they have for one another… It makes me want to be part of that world of wonders.
Believe me when I say, you are the best futa artist of history. Please keep up the work, keep bringing us the kinky perverted stuff we love and enjoy, but most important, keep beeing yourself making the art you want and enjoy doing it.

This insane but honest rambling was written by DrSobra.”

I really appreciate your art and the time you put into your characters to give them life sort of. It’s a breath of fresh air honestly. Keep it up.

I love your art and your stories. Keep up the good work!

Your characters have big boobs and even bigger dicks, but what about their toes? :Thinking: -Feeva

I Love what you do keep it up 🙂

i love your art, character and universes! thank you for being so cool! ps, i wish the next option was true!

Hi hehe

I love you and your art! You’re so super talented and I’m always looking forward to a new ping on discord 🙂


Pizza time

Your art style is really adorable and I love l the creative situations you come up with

No idea

From [GornOfCarcino] to you, Don’t stop your lovely work! Really eager to see what will happen in the appartment *Lip bitting*

Me and my shemale gf love your art. It’s real good! *insert horny face emoji here*

I love your art and have a nice week!

Your art style is refreshing and sweet. I love your characters more and more with every new drawing.

Love your art -red

I love you style of your work nickname mike

Mountwolf: I love your work, I loved to see everytime you have a new post or new futa characters in the series it’s always very interesting.

Coucou Lewdua. Beibdnn here. Love the universeses coming together 🙂

I really like your art style and the use of gifs to tell a story is unique. You’re doing great so keep up the good work and I’ll continue to support you! <3

Your art makes me the horniest! Hihi! (PhDhentai)

(Janvikku) keep up the good work

“Honestly, I always look forward to your works. Keep drawing, you wonderfully lewd person, you~
-D. Scarlet”

Really enjoy your artwork! Its some of the best futa related content on the internet! I love how you’re able to make your characters both sexy and cute.

You are a wonderful artist who close to there fans and thank you for the greatness you draw

I love all of your work! many nuts have been had!

Love your art, and your stories are pretty spicy 😏😏. Keep up the great work.

You have amazing art and if your characters were real, I’d love to meet them.

“I think you are absolutely wonderful! I love the universe you’ve set up with these characters, and I find them engaging, unique and above all else – extremely sexy. I hope you continue to create amazing works of art for us all to enjoy. And fap to.


KingFourth, I collect Lanyards so make one!

Im Kendar, i love your art, i want see loooots more of your stuff. I totally love the stories in public places. Keep working!

I lilove your work

That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons, even death may die.

I love your work, good luck and much love <3 <3 -Rosie

ive seen births and deads of countless stars, but that might be the hotest thing so far

asides from the fact that its porn you are an insanely good artist

I love your girls and how happy you are to show us new content! I have a job now and would love to support my favorite artists!! You looking out for feedback is also a GREAT characteristic you have! Keep at it

Your art is the hottest and *lewdest* art on the entire internet!

I love seeing what happens next in your comics, and can’t wait to see what the combined universe will end up looking like! :3

Knees weak, palms are sweaty there’s futa on my hard drive already, Nessie spagetti! -Birb

I’ve been following for a while and your art always inspires me to continue working on my own to improve! Your art also makes me smile when I need it most. -Eva

I love you Word, it’s very hot and only <3

I jack off to your characters all the time.

Wow. Is it normal to be this turned on? Like seriously that’s some really well drawn lewdness!

hmm I’m not good at giving praise. You made great progress during the years, just keep giving your best.

I love your work. You are my favorite futa artist.

I really appreciate your work, both as fap material and the general beauty of it. I look forward to seeing both you and your art continue to excel.

You have the best art (of artists that create futas)

Ive never seen a futa story anywhere else that holds my attention and feelings like this one does thank you for being you

Lewdua, you’re really atm the best futa artist! I love your comics/stories and especially this mix out of lewd and romantic stuff. Please keep up this awesome work! – LordGianni

Have a nice day

i love this amazing art its beautifully drawn its absolutley perfect nickname is RizeIcyy (sorry for my bad english i come from Paris im still not fluent in French)

Your absolutely amazing and an awesome artist! You make my day when i can see your art

Keep up the great work friend -DLF

I love your work, Nessie is adorable and watching her cum is the sexiest thing ever

Butt butt butt butt butt butt Butt

Your art is amazing and always “interests” me

Keep working hard!

Good job with the art!

Your engagement with your audience coupled with your nice demeanor are an added bonus to consuming what is already very enjoyable material. It’s what puts a smile on my face when I get a notification of you posting to discord. Keep up the good work, I’m not the only one who loves it.

I love your art! – Anna

“I appreciate you listening to fan feedback! Thanks so much!

@RegaliaNocturne on Twitter”

Keep up the good work

I love your art work and style. Please keep up the good art. Dick girls are out there. Just search for em. Mr.Piggy

Keep your enthusiasm, style and the most important love to futa 😀

I love all your pictures

“You’re a talented and amazing artist! I love your work a ton, as it’s exciting, attractive, and interesting. Keep up your amazing work, and I hope to see you get better and better over time!

You’re awesome

“I love you, and your art is fucking beautiful.

Love your stuff!~sparkles73

Great work. No more Alice please

You’re an amazing artist and person ^^

Keep up the goo work

Your art is amazing keep it up 👍☺

Plz keep making your art. Your a bing inspiration to me.

You are a great artist! Keep up the great work! -Star Beautifly

The lewdest lewds of girls hung like dudes

Keep drawing chicks with dicks

I absolutely love your work, and I hope you keep it up! And don’t forget to take care of yourself! The artist should always come before the art. -JayBee

“Mel/Melina here, I really like your art and I found you through Tumblr and I feel it’s sad that Tumblr died, I wish you a great day further and more great years forwards in life!
Sincerely Melina <3”

I love your stuff as is, you’re doing a great job. <3

It’s nice to have a story behind and not just sex 🙂

You’re artwork is fantastic and you’ve been a great person so far. I love the attention to hairy chracters they don’t get enough love.

I still love your art and hope we get more adorable/sexy futas in the future!

Fire two

Lil bit shy, but this artwork is very inspiring and is also an inspiration in my art as a main stream artist thank you!!!

I love you and I love your work. -M

You are a wonderful person who makes top quality art. I hope you enjoy making it for many years to cum!!!

I hope your day is filled with comfort and smiles <3

I absolutely adore your art and I’m looking forward for the future !

You are great, keep it up <3

“love the art and character
they are quickly becoming some of my favorites and im always excited when i see you have posted something new. from your follower of 2 years now LezBean ”


Keep up the good work don’t overwork your self

“I love that you’re so passionate and nice about drawing your characters and that listen to people’s ideas about them. I also love that you try different styles sometimes! Your art and community is lovely and I’ll continue to follow both 💙
-Doc ”

I write in French. J’adore ce que tu fais ! Continue ainsi ! En passant, ajoutez moi sur Snapchat -> miisterxavv. Je fais des flammes si vous voulez.


So spicy XD

I love your art and having consistent character sis fantastic. Keep up the good work

I love you

I’ve always loved your artwork right from the very first time I discovered it on Tumblr.

I love your art in more ways than one and your improving really well. My “title” is pokeyman1300

You’re my favorite futa artist! Every time you post something I get excited and happy! Thank you for making good futa porn.

“If not the best, you are one of the best futa artists out there, believe it or not. I really appreciate your effort into this, it is good stuff! Just take care and keep improving your art, you’re awesome! <3 -Galactic Pidgeon/@UrNerdieBoi”

I love all of your work Lewdua. Your futas always makes me horny. 🙂 Tachyon_god

continue ce que tu fait j’adore ! ❤️

Your art is amazing and the care you put into your stories is inspiring

I’m generally an art enthusiast and I really don’t care what kind of art is out there except for ones that are more than just misused in the art world. Whatever kind of art that you or anyone else like you make I would care less, which may sound bad. By truth art is art whatever that it may be, whether it be un/censored, inspirational, interactive, motion, or whatever that it may be. As long you like to make any kind of art, keep at it. I wouldn’t mind as long as it isn’t misused in the art world.

Your just one of my Favorite artist because your so honest, your artstyle is the bees-nees(yes i said that) and always take the time to respond when you can. Keep up your amazing stories.

nice 🙂 – werner

“I found out about you not too long ago and you’re already one of my favorite artists.. All your characters are so adorable and sexy! I can’t wait to see you do with them next!!!


stay cool!

Goodluck in all your future works and plans in your life and your universe’s lives

Keep up the good work, and if you ever stop loving it feel free to move on. Don’t let your fan base control you.

You a wunderfull artist

“I love the emotion you add to your pieces. The fact that the characters have morals and that you stick to them is great.” -Eclipse

I love your content keep it up your awesome 🙂

Ur an amazing artist keep up the good work

Your a very talented artist

Waddle dee loves u alot 😁

Good job, keep it up, proud of ya

You put a lot of effort in your work and ot shows :D.

I love all of your characters. Nobody is useless

Love all your work

thank you

Your the best

I love your work

Keep up the great work. It makes me smile each time I see an update.

I love love your art : nickname is Enemylincler

I really love your art and honestly really um, satisfies me lol

Have a great beautiful day

Keep up the good work

Nobody draws huge thick futa dicks like lewdua!

“Je ne sais pas si tu as beaucoup de lecteurs francophones, mais saches que le petit français que je suis apprécie beaucoup de voir un(e?) artiste français percer dans le dessin érotique (et surtout le futanari) et qui plus est, avec un certain style, une certaine élégance loin du sale qu’on associe généralement à la pornographie.
J’espère que tu t’éclates à dessiner tout ça, car si tel est le cas je risque de suivre tes créations pendant encore un petit moment. Je te souhaite le meilleur.”

Hi I’m Tarisutan and I love your work so much please keep up the good work

It’s great to see someone doing what they love for a living, and its so rare to find Futa work that isn’t rape/tentacles/magic.

I love you and wish you were mine forever 🙁

Blows my mind- JFK

Lewdua I absolutely love your characters, their expressions, their bodies, their perfect boobs, and their big, hard dicks. Every time you post, your art gets better and better, and when I get that notification from your server it’s the highlight of my day!

Amazing art, sexy characters, hella yeah! ~❤ – Oranga

Notice me Senpai! \(^ω^\)

“Love the art. Been keeping up with the universe since there were only Nessie and Alison in it. All round great artist, you keep in touch with your community and always seem to be striding onwards to create even better content.

Love it. ”

i love you and all your works <3

Your art is really good. No it’s better than good its great really I’m also been here well followed you scene 2017 and love everything about your art keep up the great work also have a great day.

Your stuff is gucci, legit. You’re one of my 2 fav futa artists, and I like a *lot* of them.

I love your art. Every time I see it my cock gets rock hard and I can’t help but imagine what it would be like to suck and fuck those big futa cock! They’re gorgeous. Don’t ever stop making art. You’re awesome.

unga bunga

No one draws thick futa dicks like you do, ESPECIALLY the big balls you draw are perfect. No one else also seems to write french vanilla/happy stories of futas either and that’s probably what I appreciate about your stories the most

Not only is your server a nice community, and your art Is lovely, you inspire people like me to be more comfortable with their sexuality, and thats amazing! I love your work, and you seem like a lovely person. ~Artman 💕

Love your characters. They feel alive. -Kasumi

Your art and characters are perfect! I look forward to every continuation and new addition!

Love all of the things you do. Nessie and Alison OTP! <3

I have never been so invested in the characters of a web comic.

“I havent known your artwork for long but ever since I found it i’ve loved it. Always waiting for the next scenes and updates.
Your fan ScotsGentleman.”

Alison’s and Nessie are cute! CUTE!

Keep up the “hard” work 😉

I love your art work so much I think it deserves an animated series.

Your artwork is actually my favorite out of any artist, you take everything I enjoy about futanari and supply it in full

i really enjoy your art and its really great to watch most people i know are not into much of futa but i really enjoy it and its nice seeing your art style and i love it

This is from Confinement, I greatly enjoy reading and viewing all your art and panels, it’s one of the things I actively seeking out and religiously view.

I love futa, and I love porn with plot. Thank you for building a world for your characters to exist in.

I absolutely love your drawings and all the characters.

You’re a fantastic artist and I get a little more erect whenever I see your art.

favorite futa artist!

I love your work, it always makes me smile

Your art is not overly kinky, and the characters are pure and lovely. You are my favourite futa artist!

Love your work and especially you, because you have ideas, time and most importantly skill to do it. Your every post is nice and full of love and passion towards your patrons. Keep it up <3 ~Rezure

I love you and your art, Lewdua-Senpai! Keep it up! (Gloom)

“Hello Lewdua!! Kostalien here!
Greetings from Greece!!!!
Really like your art, keep it up!!
Wish you a happy and creative year!

j’adore ton art et l’univers que tu es en train de créer! j’hespere que tu continueras a le developer sur les années a venir! @Seij2

I love your art, it’s so pretty! Keep going, and do what you enjoy.

The quality of your art is really difficult to match. It’s just extremely well done all around.

I like your milky lady drawings

Love your art and characters! I hope to see more sexy content in the future – Rotto

I honestly love your art and stories, knowing that you take your time and so many people enjoy what you create makes me feel more normal about loving everything.

I love you, keep up the awesome work!!

Would be great to have some Pinups

Good luck and a lot of inspiration to you in your future works! Thanks for what you’re doing)

i love your work and i love alison too , you’re great i hope you’ll never stop working 🙂

Thanks for hairy versions! Your art is one of the first I started to like with hair, and now I prefer these versions over non-hairy! x)

You are an amazing artist, keep it up

I like your style of drawing and you’re very talented! I’m always inspired by your work!

I love the passion you have for your characters

I love how much you’ve put into making your own characters and their story. Not many people do that now. It’s always just da art of something that already exists.

“I hope u become the best artist u want be” said Blue

Love your work. Especially how you draw such big futa balls, like you could just motorboat them. :3

Your artwork is amazing, I love how you create these wonderful characters and bring them to life so many others can see. I absolutely admire you and your work. <3

I love your art

You’re very good at drawing hot futanari <3

I’m always waiting too see your next post, I love them soo much :}

keep up the heccing good work

“I envy AND i love you. I wish i was one of your character and irl futa but eh life sucks i wanna die.


Thanks for producing fantastic art!

I just wanna say that I love your stories and characters, you are the reason Im into Futa! Dont ever stop. <3

You are literally my favprite futa artist. Please don’t stop~

Your art work is awesome I love how some times the it’s such a tease and left to the imagination

Love your work and keep going strong

I love your arts..i think all the …idk i don’t speak english so good so if you can pls..use translate “eu amo os traços dos seus desenhos”

You’re a lovely artist~<3

Keep up the good work

Your art is pretty awesome, and it shows how much you love your work, i enjoy futa just by your art

You’re one of my favorite Futa artists, and you really inspired me to get into it more! -SZ

You’re a great artist, keep up the lewd work!

Keep up the good work and I love the futas <3 -Nia

You’re awesome and I love you

I still don’t know how to correctly pronounce Lewdua, but i don’t mind :3

Love your work, many nuts have been had

Ascend to hentai god

do u do custom stories, like i write the story and u draw it?

Just keep doing what you do. Your art and stories are great.

I really like your art and how fast you upload stuff. Your a really talented artist. Keep up the good work ;]

Thanks for all my faps >,<

I think your artwork is amazing and I love to look at it

I feckin love your art

you are a unique artist with your cute vanilla story telling. so much futa art is bizarre and disturbing, but yours is the opposite. Very refreshing and very hot!

There is something really catchy in your art style, something unique that i don’t find anywhere else. And i love it.

You rock, your artwork rocks!

i love everything you do and i quite enjoy your animated stuff. sincerely Emerald

Your artwork is awesome keep up the good work 👍😎

SCCSakura: I really enjoy your art, for me the whole world would be better as futa, boobies and dicks for everyone <3

Keep up the good work! You seem pretty nice too, so keep that up as well!

I really enjoy your art, please keep it up!

You are lovely bean of wonder and futa powers!

Love your work! Your characters are cute!

I love your art and i love your art style. You’re the reason that i want to get back into drawing. -nhaughty

I really like your work. The art style, your stories, all of it, awesome. I hope you can continue doing all of it for as long as possible. You are amazing! Absolutely one of my favorite artists. – CalmMax

You do good shit and I appreciate the conglomeration of futa artwork through your discord server

The improvement in your art over the course of just a year has been wonderful to watch and it’s clear that you care a lot not just about drawing porn, but giving it substance and depth beyond the things that people are fapping to!

When I think I of Lewdua futas I feel like Nessie in the locker room video at the end with he hearts in her eyes except with the actual dick in my ass so its not as fun, but you get the point.

Love all your art and stories 😘

I love your stuff but i cant tell my girlfriend DX

“Please keep up the amazing artwork and I hope the universe you are creating continues to grow!

Defiantly love how the characters are actual characters with lives and not just 1 time things.

You’re honestly one of my favourite artists. For sure top 5.

Your characters have fantastic clothes. Keep up the good work!

RiasGremory (just keep doing what your doing I love the stuff that you do. Always love it when the wait is over for more.

I love that your characters don’t have coercive sex. Everyone is enthusiastic.

I 8=D you

I remember joining early when it was only Nessie and Alison. I randomly found some of your art on reddit and I liked watching the whole website grow and the fanbase too. So I want to congratulate you and say that you’ve grown as an artist.

I’m in love with you. CellerRose

Keep being awesome! 😙 – The Hentai Vault

You’re adorable and an awesome artist. Don’t ever think otherwise. ~Midnight_Bladez

Your style is great to look at and is unique!

I love Lewdua, My steam name is “Jotaro Kujo” – Leafy

You’re awesome, that’s all that i can say with little words

Your Art is great, really! Keep going! Don’t let others get you down!


Your the main reason I started to love futa/trap comics in the first place, and I met people who dont think im Gay/Wierd for liking futa/trap Hentai

Love your works, keep it up \o/

Ur invited to grande peepee squad

I simple love your art 🙂

Love your stuff, the mix of sexy and cute is on point. Love how the characters are crossing over and I hope they intertwine into one big story

Your art-style is amazing and I love all the different settings your stories/pictures take place in.

J’aime beaucoup le style graphique et la profondeur d’écriture des personnages

Quickly became one of my favorite artist please keep up the good work

thank you for the amazing sexy art!!

“your art fascinates me

The passion and love between your characters is intoxicating! Well done!

I truly adore your stuff, and I’ll have to go back and read through all your stories sometime soon. I’m new to making digital art (esp nsfw content) so your work is inspiring as hell and I can’t get enough of it. Futa is my jam. I go by BogHelper as my nsfw pen name. The futa didn’t appear when I clicked though 🙁

you are loved <3

You’re one of my favorite futa artists! I really like your art style, and just about every theme in your art. Keep up the amazing work!

I love how the amount of emotion in your work 🙂

Love your work as fellow artist I’d like to do a art jam with you someday!

You’re an amazing person! Don’t let anyone tell you that you aren’t a good person because you draw sexual art! <3

Continue ce que tu fais, ça devient tellement rare les artistes talentueux dans ce domaine !

You are a great artist and I love your work.

J’aime vraiment ton travail continue comme ça

Your stuff is great and I love it!! I enjoy it. A lot.

Your stuff is the best I’ve had the pleasure of seeing in a long time – Jay

you do a great job, continue like this

Your work is fantastic! I love how everyone involved is so into it.

Your artwork gives my heart a boner ❤

I feel like your art has maybe questioned my sexuality abit

You’re one of my favorite artists because you combine the porn and the story better than almost anyone

You’re honestly my favorite artist. The way you draw your characters is fantastic, the poses, the designs, all of it. It has such an appealing vibe to it that I just love.

I do enjoy your art and I hope it makes you as happy as your viewing pleasure.

The best anime/comic/fullcolor futa artist I know – Noir

Your work is pretty good. The idea of creating your own story line to develop characters is amazing. Thumbs up for your idea and I hope it brings a lot of success!

eveofmana says: Well, your art always brightens my day. Both art style and character design flick juuust the right switches. You keep doing you, cuz you awesome and I can’t think of a thing I’d want different about your art or you.

You’re an inspiration & i love your art! – RFTT (Roses From The Trash is my actual artist name lol)

I love the way the story is coming along and you are doing a great job keep at it don’t let anything get you down

Keep it up hero, can wait to see new post form you, and don’t worry we love everything you post <3

T’es géniale, continue comme ça <3 Ca fait plaisir d’enfin voir qqun qui fait de la romance avec des futas !

I hope you’re having a good day, I don’t think anything is really wrong with your art. Keep up the good work.

Keep doing what your doing

You’re a great artist and your work is amazing keep up the good work

You’re very nice and very active with your fanbase!

You consistently make art that’s not just fappable but is well made and cute as well. I look forward to the discord updates

Your artwork is fantastic and I love your characters. I look forward to every new upload.

I’m in love with your work. Je t’aime!

Thanks for all the awesome art

“I love your work! In fact, yours made me like futa even more than I did before, keep up the good work! I believe in you! 😀


Love your work Lewdua, you’re the best!

Cute futas are underrated and there needs to be more. You’re doing god’s work. -Shoelord

I really enjoy your art. Your futa art was the first western style futa art I had seen that let the characters have such a vibrant personality. Prior to finding your work I was having to look for things like what was being produced from Dulce-Q to find something as close to as amazing as the work you produce but almost none of what I was finding had the kind of charisma as your work has. I am really glad I decided to support you on Patreon because what little support I am able to give you each month so you can focus on perfecting your wonderful skills. I want to see where your new universe goes especially with such a strong foundation you have built. Never give up on following this dream of yours and I am sure you will find people willing to support you the whole way. I love your work and will continue to enjoy it where ever it may go. Love, Fenix Feniks the Sassy Serpent

I really like your art, and i Think youre doing a great job in making them feel alive <3

You are a fantastic artist that balances the cute with the insanely hot. You are one of the few, if not only human futa artist I pay money for content, and that’s saying something! Love your stuff and keep up the horny work! — Steve

“Keep doing what your futa heart loves to do!

– Mr. K”

I love subtle eroticism and you know just how to feed my desire and sexual passion with your artwork and stories of reluctant uncontrollable desires and wild passion. You’re a complete treasure. Please never leave ! I’m Bootylust🥰😜

Keep up the good work!

“I enjoy your art and it shows how hard you work on it

Just recently found your art, and instantly loved your work! You’re awesome!

You’re art’s great, turns me on and I always enjoy it

Love your work. You are one of my favorite artist.

Love Ur work, not enough high quality futa out there

Keep up the good work!

Whatever you do, make sure you are happy with it and if is something that doing it doesn’t make you happy but rather the outcome of it is what then ask yourself if is worth it.

Your girls and cocks are great!

Hey there QT I like your art and you have a great sense of humor, love ya QT

You are amazing and your illustrations and stories are sooooo hoootttt

for the question above, i wouldnt buy merchandise because im shy to let people know that im a futa lover, but maybe something indirect of futa i would like to buy stuffs like just the feminine part of the character (no peepee included) or whatever you can create. and for the message……… KEEP UP THE HARD WORK! one day i would like to draw nicely and be as good as you! i love u <3. my nickname/discord is Playan#4973. xoxoxo

Futa <3

“Love your art! So sensual. 😉

Love your work

Poo Poo

I love how cute everything is

Keep up the good work and take care of yourself. Love you!

Keep doing what you do mate. It’s awesome. 🙂

Keep it up i love your work 🙂


I wish you the best in life and more lewdy shenanigans!”

Bitman : J’adore ton travail, tu est un(e) artiste talentueu(x/se) !

Keep up the good work Lewdua, one day the whole world will see your genius.

Your art style is great

Love your style, keep up the great work. even though I just recently found you.

You are cool, and in my opinion the best futa artist.

I love you <3

The most adorably lewd futas you will ever get off to.

Thank you for your Hard Work Lewdua

My daily guilty pleasure is constantly checking your discord for story updates xp

Honestly, I think you are amazing at what you do, I do think you should do more cum inflation’s and deepthroat bulges😍

I love your work and i love people who draw stuff that is not one a good story line and very sexual and i love it.

I think you have great artistic skills. And unlike other artist you do your best to bring the personality of each character forward. That’s what i like most about you.

I wrote that I will not buy anything, not because I do not want, but because I do not have money pathologically =) Good luck and excellent sales to you.

I love your art! I love the characters, the story, the style, the dialogue… I just love every part of it!!! -D.H.

“I love your art a lot. One of my favorite futanari artists. You are one of the few artists to have OC’s that actually make me really want to know more about them as characters. It makes me want to see them more than just when I want to masturbate. I actually love their dynamics and their emotions. Some are shy some are seductive and some are a mix somewhere between.
Keep up the good work and give Nessie some more chances to be outgoing. I wanna see her enjoying life :3”

the message was nice until you tricked me with the bottom button…………………

I really love your art and especially the relationship between the characters so keep on making some of the best futa art around /Xerul

I love your work, you were the firts +18 I saw and I hope you keep drawing <3

Keep up the great work and dont over work yourself ever

Love ja shit lewd

Both romance and fapping hadn’t been the same since I found your work. Thank you!

I think you do great art and i love your little story arcs.

Your art just keeps improving and it’s awesome! – Wolgodi

I love everything you do

You’re such a sweetie-pie. 😉

You are one of the people that make me feel okay about drawing more lewd things. ps. I’d buy a physical or digital artbook. nickname- Bacon

Uhh thanks for making big hentai nut for me and my gamer bois ~ SuperVegitoMyBoi

I love your clean art style <3

Kyuri : Ur cute

Keep up the good work lewdie lord! Keep that juicy content cumming! ~Sera

I love your art so much and it has come such a long way from when I started following you. I’m so glad I stuck around because you are one of the most consistent and talented futanari artists and your stories are so wonderful to read. I wish you continued success in 2019!

Hi, OilBlkRum here ^^ Best wishes for you. I simply love your art!!! You’re a great inspiration for my own works and motivates me to “travel throught the artist path” ^^ Hope for u can still make what u love and if i could support it, i’ll make it for sure.

Your style always leaves me with a smile when you post something new. ~Escorien

You are amazing.

If you’re able to stare, be able to take it 100%, NO OBJECTIONS! (something like that?)

Your work is beautiful!

Your girls are really cute, you are unique.

I love your art, and how they take public place risks, yet hide it.

You go girl!

Thank you for all the hard work you do!

Your futa OC is unlike any other work I seen because they have the own background, world, life and I can see how much detail you’re going into this. Your style is more western than I’m used to, but that’s a trait to enjoy on its own.

Just keep being you! Your art is fun and always thrilling to see~.

Your the best and my fav futa artist

You are one of the top.

I love your art! I love you lewdua! Keep doing what your doing!

I love your artwork! <3

your characters and stories always feel so pure (for stories about fucking :p) and loving, and it’s very refreshing

i love your Hard work

Love your characters and the chemistry between them. Keep it up!

I like your futa girls.

Constant amazing art work that definitely has a lot of love put into it!

I enjoy your artwork and stories

I love the design of the characters, keep it up.

Your art is great and you are sort of an inspiration to me as a artist staring out. 😊

Bom trabalho. É incrível como você consegue trabalhar em tantas coisas ao mesmo tempo.você definitivamente Vc merece muitos fãs lewdua!! Vou Sempre acompanhar seu Trabalho 😉

You have improved so much from when i first discovered you back in 2017. I think all your characters are great (design and personality) and enjoy their unique interactions. I hope to see some more from them and joining their universes was the best thing you have done, not just for us but for you to work with.

“Acompanho seu trabalho desde a história da Nessie e Alison no ônibus. Basicamente todo dia eu vejo se tem atualização. Não contribuo com sua arte ainda por razões pessoais, mas logo terei esse prazer. Seus traços são incríveis e sua coloração é simples e perfeita (não acho necessário usar aquela coloração que apresentou na arte da Morgan Rosewood, só pra artes “”oneshot””)
Admiro seu trabalho e espero que tudo só melhore! (Pt-br)”

SpooderGween: Your probably the one h-artist that I look up to the most. Merci beaucoup!

You have lovely art, thank you.

Keep up the good work sir

You’re the best <3

I can feel the passion in your work please don’t stop keep going.

Thank you so much for all the years of enjoyable… “Research” it’s been very enjoyable and the stories are quite well done, and the art is rather lewd.

i like too

Have fun, and thanks for all the pics.

You are one of the most thoughtful and consistently amazing creators. Though it is smut I cant help but adore you and the characters.

I love your work!

“I’ve been a big fan of the lewda artwork and characters for a while now, enjoying their indulgences and always looking forward to the next naughty adventure they have. I’m always very impressed with the artwork, and seeing a good artist become even better is always quite exciting!
James Swift”

Yooo Lewdy, it’s me Loha, as always, keep doing what you love and don’t stop <3. I will support you. Also I might take up drawing artwork again, by April though XD. I might also donate some money within few months, so stay tuned! <3

Keep up the good work, we all love your art!

I hope you enjoy what you do, and continue to enjoy your job.

I appreciate your art. You do great work and are wonderful to be a patron of.

“You’re artwork is fucking amazing, I can’t even begin to think how long it would take me to draw a stick Diya let alone the kind of detail you manage to get to. Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s fucking impressive!


Thanks for fuelling my lust for futas.

I absolutely love your artwork, Lewdua! Anytime you post something, I’m always looking forward to it, even if it isn’t my favorite girl (that being Nessie).

I love you and the girls you draw~

i want to switch my merch answer to “maybe in the future” lol, otherwise, lovely lewds lewdua !

your stuff is pretty cool, makes me not sad – thiccy boy long dick (TBLD)

“I love all of your comics and I one day you can create a nice long meaty story for us viewers and readers
Discord- BrandofBrands”


TJ ‘Henry’ Yoshi

I really love your artwork. Like, you were the one who made me get really into futa and grow my live for it. You will always have a special place in my heart. <3

Hope you’re having fun making these, they’re pretty fun to read. I’m enjoying them 🙂

Uhhh, I am Paper and… well… I am a trans girl, and you make me feel hot.

You are incredibly talented and I love this universe you have created and the stories you tell. Keep up the amazing work! 🙂

I love your art its actually so inspiring!! I’m a french reader myself so the fact that you translate all of your art in French is really appreciated <3 Keep up the good work Lewdua, much love :))

Doin a great job! 👍👍Keep doing what you’re doing.

Love ur work, ur amazing.

I love your art and characters Hope you keep doing great things.

“I love you and your art. It’s been my favorite thing to look forward to with each new update. Keep it up!


N’arrête jamais ce que tu fais, c’est juste magnifique…

I love your works and how much you put out. You are one of the best artists I have ever found.

Thank you Lewdua, Very cool.

You’re pretty nice artist, never stop to give us some love

I love that you cater to the people who have preference in shaved or hairy.

Tasto:Your so good in create a good plot to fuck :3

“The art is impeccable, and I like it.

Signed: A Literal Bag of Cool Ranch Doritos”

Ur amazing and I love ur art ❤️❤️❤️ When I get older I wanna buy some things because I’m in college and I don’t want my roommates to think I’m wierd I get anxiety a lot u really help

“I LOVE YOU!!! Ps More Alice and his girlfriend please
From Ahsokaz”

I like your art very much and I am glad to have found it. Sorry I won’t buy any merch because I’m scared someone else will know what it is, or someone will ask about it. 🙁

“I really do enjoy your work, and am grateful for discovering you on Tumblr before it was too late.

-T ∀ B O O”

I’ve never followed a lewd artist to the same extent I’ve followed you! I genuinely get so excited for your storylines and newest pieces whenever I get that lovely Patreon email! Your characters are so well fleshed out with such vivid personalities, I feel I really understand them, you know? Thank you so so much for all the incredible art! I’m happy to call myself a fan of you!

They are some of the cutest relationships and i really enjoy the hearfelt affection between the characters. Merci

Continue to express yourself in anyway you chose to, your great at what you do even if it’s not “normal”

I love your art and your style. The characters you’ve created are fantastic and I always get excited when I see you create new things. Sending love from one artist to another! 🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘😘💞💞💞💞

Hi, u draw good shiiit

Love the universe!!!

I love you art holy shit

Thx for all the delicious futa-cocks! Love your unique style!

Thanks for your work

really love your stuff because you actually try and come up with a story even for short stuff which is nice also gives us more angles on the characters literally an figuratively XD lelouch a.k.a. hiroki

Vin: I love your art, seriously. It’s what led me to futa in general.

I just love your art. There is something about it that makes me really love the characters and the different relationships. I just admire your skill and enjoy the passion you have for your art. At this point I look forward to you uploading something else, like waiting for a new game to come out. : )

“Well, I love when an erotic story have depth you know? It has more than just the superficial, ans you do that on your artworks every character have a development lf their own, their interactions. You took a whole new a spectrum on futanari art, you made it lovable, cute and smoking hot at the same time. Besides the fact that you give continuity to every single one of your stories really makes me happy, I hate when a tales is left unfinished.
Thanks for all the good time Lewdua.”

One of the most unique and expressive art styles out there to stand out from the rest!

Despite my previous suggestion, my favorite character out of your entire lineup has to be Nessie, and my favorite story that revolves around Nessie has to be “Nessie’s Fantasies.” I hope to see more stories revolving around some more Nessie-based Fantasies, especially with the crossover.

I love your stuff, your stories, your drawings, your characters, and I love you. As I am sure all of your fans do. I know it may be hard to keep up; the creative process is just a killer and drawing is not as easy as you make it look, but hang in there. We’ll always support you and will patiently and anxiously wait for another entry, at least I know I will. Don’t give up, never surrender, keep looking forward. ¡PLUS FUTA! -The Guy Fieri

Thanks for the great futa fap material!

Nessie futa is best futa.

Nessie is bae <3 Thanks for the work

I wish you luck in your artful endeavors (wonderful fortune cookie phrase here, :P)

hello :3

“i luv ur stuffs pls make more
also please have a nice day and be kind to yourself <3 ”

I love how you draw big futa balls.

“You made me like dicks and girls with dicks, I will always be gratefull for that. Keep granting the world with your awesome art!

i love your work!! (Venom_D)

You are the Michelangelo of online porn, keep going and you will will achieve perfection.

Your art is very wholesome.

I love your art and how much personality you put into your characters, keep doing what you love! -J

“I love your artworks, your style, the expressions of your characters, they’re just perfect! Please make more naughty gif either solo, romantic duo or moresome xD

you are such a good artist and I absolutely love your work. <3 <3

Great work! Morgan is my fav so please do more art with her !!!

You have an amazing imagination and wonderful talent for story telling! It’s honestly very refreshing to look into the universe you’ve created for your adorable characters and story.


I really appreciate your work, thank you for continuing on ❤️

I love your work! Nessie is a great character as most people identify with her on feeling like an outsider in school. She’s shy but has a crazy libido like most guys xD. And the fact her balls are huge, she can suck her own dick, and she cums buckets are just major turn ons. I’d love to see more of her.

Liokaiser: I really love your art and still remember to this day the first EVER work I saw by you and I don’t regret finding you or your discord one bit.

You are doing great. keep up the good work 🙂

Your art is great, and I love your scenarios.

I had the hardest time deciding on a “useless” character. I really like all of your characters and the universe you have created. -Syntek

I freaking love you art and wish you could draw all day long 🙂

“Keep at it yo, your art rocks and you’re one of the coolest futa drawers and have one of the most identifiables oc out there” -sawmilliam64

Please continue like that i love your stories

Love the effort put into your work keep it up making incredibly drawn and erotic stories

Keep up the erotic energy and eventually you’ll reach Nut Nirvana -Daguyo

The charm of your artwork is amazing and honestly you’re the best futa artist I have come across.

keep on keeping on

I like your artist name a lot

I love you -SIR.Omar

Tec101: Keep up the great work, ever since I discovered you I’ve enjoyed every post and I check in every day for something new. You’re amazing and well talented!

You make really nice art all around and I really enjoy having futa artists like you around. -Alex

Still working and doing this beautifull job.

I love all of your art, I hope in the future you can make it a living

I didn’t have any complaints because your art is exactly what I like. You’re one of my 2 fave guys artists

I love your little universe that you have made and a wonderful selection of futanari. Keep being lewd! ~ ambri

U R Awesome ;3

keep it kinky 😉

You’re the best futa around! <3

you are by far the most frequently posting artist i know

I love you! <3

Love your work

your art is amazing i really love , i check everyday for updates <3 ( My nick you can put as : Brazilian lover ♥

Great storylines and characters! Love the idea of the universe!

Keep moving forward

Keep up the great work

I just fell in love with your style and the cute and even comical expressions of the girls! Please keep it up, you’re doing an AMAZING job! – Taciturno

I’ve been a fan of yours for a long time! Dont be so hard on yourself though, you do a great job!

Kinda already have. X3 but I find your work so hot and lovely! Would love to see more of the cute trap as well but you’re amazing and I hope you keep it up for as long as you can~ ♡♡♡

love your animations, they’re sexy as fuck

I used to be ashamed of liking futa stuff but ever since I found you I learned to not give a S**t what people think. I love your work so much.

The futa didn’t appear, I want my money back

I love your work and all your characters <3

You have improved so much since i’ve meet you and i’ve seen your art grow and mature so much! Please don’t take my critiques so serious i’m just doing it to help as much as I can! Keep it up and keep on improving!!

You’re almost as amazing as Alison’s astoundingly attractive ass!

“You always made great art, the character construction and now the story lines are amazing, hope you got even more lewd than you already are S2

@CathyfutaPowers (tw)”

You are a very talented artist and i wish the best for you- EzHunter569

keep up the GOOD work fam

Tout est superbe! Merci beaucoup!”

Your stories are surprisingly sweet

I’d love for you to stuff my urethra

Your stuff, is, beyond this world. I go through this stuff and I just love it. I have so many comics bookmarked and I just love them all, thank you x

I love seeing how you draw cum

Let us have a great futa cumbath together. ~<3 -OmniLeader

You are quite profound at the dao of art – azerick

your art is amazing, I adore your characters and the story lines and look forward to your future works !!!!!

“I’m a little bad with words, and already wrote a lot on the other fields so I’ll be direct.

Got here for the Art, and the story is cute. I’m curious to see their life together. <3 It’s nice to see futas in stories.”

If you don’t like someone remember, Backpfeifengesicht <3 Silver

Noboty loves you!

Your are one of my favorites Futanari artists actually,please continue with the great work,especially with your best couple that is Alison & Nessie^^

Keep up the sexcellent work!

I don’t comment regularly, but I love your art. Always great to see your new pieces and they regularly brighten my evenings. I would hope you know your art influences and affects far more than just those who comment or contribute via patreon. Thank you for doing what you do!

*notices ur bolgy wolgy* owo what’s this? ~

You art is wonderful

I love your works, you are one of my favorite artists

more pls i love you work

You are genuinely my favorite futa artist

I love your art so much and you’re going an amazing job!

I love your character. They are so cute. If you can make it in to 3 d it would be nice.

I like your work and style keep up the good work.

You’re one of the best futanari artists I know and you never disappoint me keep up the good work!

only wouldnt buy merch as i wouldnt be able to get away with it here. lol

Keep up the good pics homie -darkman #1256

Love your art

You’re a sweetheart~

Your awesome

Your style is so unique and I really enjoy everytime you post a new page… I don’t care how long you take it’s always top flight.

“I love your art and your mind. Though I probably need more of it then you can produce. Been with you for years on tumblr.
Love, nashti-titan”

I love you buddy, many nuts have been to your art <3

“Great work!

Thank you for making pp hard. Keep up the good work. Good luck on future endeavours<3

you make some of the best futa porn. very arousing

I now think I might be bisexual because of your art so thanks for the wake up call I guess. I see that wiener can be good now. – Poop

You make great art! Keep it up

Your art is amazing and can only get better

Love your art!

You are a great artist and I really look forward to each new comic!

I love your work, i don’t dislike anything about it aside from the fact that there isn’t enough of it! Keep it up

I love Lewdua!!!

You’re a wonderful artist. Keep up the great content. I’ve honestly been tired of seeing these short works with only 1 story. I’ve finally found a place to continue enjoying the characters I’ve come to know. Thanks for that.

Keep up with the awesome work,your drawings are super lewd and amazing! <3

Keep at it, your art is getting better by the day! – Ken

Loving the art you’ve been making so don’t forget the inspiration that made you start drawing! -OG

Came (hehe) for the art, stayed for the community

You’re the best story to futanari, ratio, artist around ❤

You’re a great artists, you just need to grow your range a little more in terms of what you draw.

Thank you for your hard work! I look forward to seeing you continue to create fantastic artwork~! <3

You are loved, Madame Poissons <3

I love your work, and the effort you put into your universe. And I especially love how much you endeavor to show how much your characters love each-other.

Youre amazing Lewdua, you’ve inspired me to improve my own artwork. Stay awesome


You’re wonderful ! Continue chère ! :3

You’ve got a long way… Keep on innovating on your content!!

Kiss kiss muah muah

I first found your artwork like a couple months back, and so far you made me fall in love with you artwork and your characters, I come to your website everyday for an update and you make my day everytime you do, honestly keep doing what you are doing and I hope you have and amazing day


I love sooo much ur style and how u draw everything! Keep going like that!

I honestly love your art. You (and other artists) inspire me to git gud. I wish you a great day everyday!

uwu what’s this?!?

I love everything you did! Keep up the good work! I love u! ~Mags

continue the good job you are doing!!

I love Your art and Work, I love your Stories and It both Wholesome and Lewd which I love, Also I want to see Morgan an Audrey have some fun. KEEP BEING AWESOME DD

I love your big breasted, big dick young girls :3

I really enjoy your stories

Doing great Lewdua; kinkier each time.

“Love your art

Thanks for your work, you’re underrated and keep it up and take your time 😊

keep doing this awesome work!

i want to live in that apartment. ♡ your art is wonderful

Your the best futa artist i’ve ever seen and probably the cutest to


Your art style is really good!! I hope the best for you <3

Love you

You are a fantastic person, dont every stop being who you are. Love you.

Hey Ezro here! Truth be told you’re the only futa artist I actively look at (and with pride) keep it up!

Your a seriously fantastic artist, and a talented storyteller. Dont let anyone tell you different, even yourself. 😊

I love your artwork

Hello Mr./Ms. Lewdua, how are you feeling? I am a huge fan of your work. Every time I see your art, I get an instant erection.

Your characters get me off every time you post something new.

You’re continued experimentation with different styles is inspiring and displays your desire to continue displaying your creative prowess. It sets the standard for other futanari artists and also provides comfort that you are still full of creative ideas.

Keep up the great art!

I love your art

Your art is lovely and amazing. I can tell you care a lot about detail and characterization.

Your work is amazing and I’m so glad I found you on tumblr months ago! <3

Well I for one just want to say that I love your art and the relationship between Alison and Nessie!( Side note… Add more oral scenes plz uwu)

Winter™- Love your stuff <3 Hope you’re having a wonderful week and that you keep your wrists stretched, your posture proper, and yourself hydrated and fooded and otherwise healthy x3 <3

Continue to keep pumping (no pun intended) your great art! <3 ~Space

Keep the good work, I love your futas (specially Miss Rosewood)

You’re awesome! Keep the rythm!

I really love your art, keep it up, and never ever think that what you are doing is bad, It’s your way and if you love it, you will find people that like it just because you made it.

“You’re a wonderful creative mind that came up with wonderful characters and a lovely setting. Looking forward to the Crossover!
~ Sona”

This only meant that in the question where my age said, in fact I am about 15 years old if I already know it sounds strange but they encan me … I say I like futanari and your art is beautiful PD: I was reluctant to answer some questions hehe

I am your biggest fan. I think you are incredible and I wish you made more.

Love your artwork

I love your work and I wish you the best in your future. p.s. I wish i was in the universe

Love the work you are doing! You just keep doing you and I’m sure everyone will love it! – Diddle

I hope you can reach your dreams by doing what you love <3 i been following your work for years!!! Love- Dana

You’ve actually helped me a lot, and I really appreciate you and your work! You seem like a great person ~Kade

You’re an amazing human being, my girlfriend and I constantly look forward to everything new thing you create and constantly fawn over your characters together.

Love your work -AL

Thanks for all the fapping material – Oz

You an amazing Artist ❣️

“You’re French? Now the frogs are putting chemicals in the water to turn the humans gay!
– firemonkeypole”

“Hey, I absolutely love this stuff. It’s some of my favorite. I love the Futanari, and I absolutely love the romance aspect you add to it. If you can, please do upload more often, but don’t push yourself too hard. I like the high quality, but don’t sacrifice it for quantity 😊. You keep doing what you love, boo. I and many others will keep waiting for more and more ❤

You do amazing work, keep it up!

“I love your art works because i’m into futa, please keep it on!

Continue to improve your skills and please your fans, but do not forget about yourself. Hello from Russia.

I love you

Love your art! Always excited to see more from you! Thank you! -Anon

You are really good at sexy facial expressions.

Your art is phenomenal. I can’t get enough 😍

You da bomb

Amazing work, please keep it up. A.B.

Your art and story is wonderful! Keep up the great work!

You are a terrific artist! <3

“I found your art on Tumblr back in the day when the safe search was off… Been cuming back ever since.
And just call me C”

I love each and every one of your stories. Their back stories. And the universe setting. Not to mention the art itself

I really like your work and I’m always yearning for more so keep it up, champ!

You da best!

you did awesome job! i like this but wish this could’ve be comic will more nice 😉

“I love the direction you are moving with your characters and their antics. I always have a good time (and fap) when I see them, sometimes even a good laugh at the occasional funny moments.
Signed, Rein The DrunkenMoken”

I love your art, it’s just amazing ! Thank you very much 🙂

Since i found your work. I have enjoyed it immensely

You made me cum a lot xD

Lewdua, your hentai is sublime. I really think a flash game with your girls would have everyone glued to their chairs for days. lol Keep up the excellent work!

Hey lewdua love you content, would so smash all the futas you draw. Mainly cause I’m dominant and don’t want anything up my ass 😂. But other then that keep it up! Your art has helped me many times in moments of… Need 😉 also, could you do inflation? I love inflation futa 😍 thanks! – Dante

Keep up the good work 🙂 you will be super rich and famous one day, best futa artist out their. (Leon)

Keep up the good work, i hope you can keep drawing for as long as you want

Hello, I really love what you do, you are my hero, all you story and pic is perfect, thank you very much for all of your work (My name is Laurent)

Size isn’t everything, so have a different one every day.

Your art is amazing. Keep being awesome!

I love futa and I love your work

“I don’t know how to describe this feeling, but it’s like i just NUTTED in my brain!!!”

Best artist- idk

Your art is very nice to look at and I always look forward to your next piece.

I like your creation and your Futa girls, I hope that you will still continue. Arigatou

you are the first futa artist, i discover – Sento_Kiryuu

Thank you for existing you bring a wonderful gift to all who support you

Hi, I’m Quetz, I follow you from the first time I saw your art at the end of 2017 and I hope to continue enjoying Nessie and Alison for much longer, thanks for your great work and I hope to continue enjoying your art for a long time.

I really enjoy your work specially your gifs, thank you for your dedication and hard work. – Lobcat

Your art is wonderful, and the universe you have created is amazing.

U are the best

Really like what yr doing here, jkl

One of the best creators of absolutely adorable futa characters getting into equally adorable futa situations. <3

<3 Love to all your characters and the creator :3

Love your art and characters alot cant wait to see more!

You are my favorite lewd artist of all time!

It takes Nessie-sized balls to put yourself and your content out there for the world. Thanks on behalf of myself and the rest of your fans for having the courage to step out into the internet, share your stuff, and stick with it! I sincerely appreciate you and what you do, and look forward to more. Again, thank you!

My favorite artist ever <3 so glad that you share your stories and this new universe you’ve created, can’t wait to see more ^-^

loving your art <3 keep doing what you do. love to fap to your characters

Your art is adorable and your stories are always a fun read. I’ve very much enjoyed watching you develop your characters and am looking forward to getting to know them even more. I genuinely hope you try doing a long-term webcomic someday. I wish you the best in all your endeavors. Much love, from Skywatcher.

You are such a good and dedicated artist (in my opinion, the best futa artist by far). Keep up the good work!

You strike the perfect balance between wholesome and kinky. Please marry me! – Jas

you have amazing work keep it up

I am so amazed by this work


I admire your passion for your art! You take your time to make it look good and to make your fans happy! I hope you will always enjoy doing art and have a happy life with it! <3

I just love your stories!

I love your art and keep doing it By Chris

Keep up the great work!


Your art is awesome! I love the way you draw.

You’re a great artist

Your art makes me feel like a teenager whose heart is beating quick thinking about talking to his crush!

I have just started to support you. I saw your art on Twitter. I think your art style is soft and sexy. I love your work.

Don’t stop your work. Your work is way too much awesome. And try to make few 2D animation like (looker room sex).

“i love you <3 ”

You’re awesome, and i love the stories you make with your characters

AliNess is the best 💛 – YugenLuvsU

I love Futas

“You do damn good work and it’s awesome you look for criticism.

-Mc. Eleanor”

keep up the good work

I just love you art. 🙂 Nothing makes me hornier than thinking of one of your girls waking up next to me lol.

I’ve been your fan for awhile now and i have not seen anyone as good as you.

Love your artwork, and look forward to seeing your new stuff in the future :D!

The last button doesnt work, please fix it

Love your artwork. It’s very unique, there is no-one doing what you do so keep doing it!

Click here and a futa will appear behind you. You lied

Continue to do what you like the most.

subscribe to pewdiepie

Your art is amazing,funny and beautifully executed,and what makes it better,i dont like any other futa artist but you,your art work and they way you do your stories are amazing,and im sure you get haters,dont listen to them your amazing at what you do,and im sure you have your down days,just remember you have your loyal fans and your own universe at your finger tips(from Mr.Lewd95)

Your art is amazingly lovely!

I adore your art!

Tes fans sont là pour toi ! que ce soit pour ce que tu es en tant que personne ou ton art qui les attirent, toute les personnes qui te soutiennent sont là car tu as quelque chose de spécial qui nous plaît à tous ! Souviens-toi de cela lors de tes coups durs, d’accord ? :3 (AMICALE#8805)

Thanks for the hard work ❤️

I love Nessie’s and Alison’s relationship style, keep up with that casualness, especially their wake-up scenes <3

Tu dibujo y el estilo de tus artes, son diferentes al resto. Que el Hentai nunca muera en ti @BibliotecaHHH

I Love the simple, colorful yet sexy art style 😁 and the characters notable Allison and Ms. Rosewood. I am looking forward to see more of Ms. Rosewood 👩‍🏫 -Clarkky

“Nice job!

your artworks show so well the caring and affection of the character to each other. nobody said heart warming and damn sexy can’t come together.

T’a façon de dessiné est unique et c’est super beaux. Ne change rien. 😉

You quickly became one of my top five artists after I found you, keep up the good work! -DISCO__NINJA

I’m a huge fan of your art and love everything you’re putting out right now <3 – Sckoute

Your art should be in a Museum. I am so infatuated with it. <3

Sick moved lewdua, keep it up!

Your artworks were some of the first futa pics I’d ever seen and I was immediately hooked, I love your style and the characters so much!

Your works are beautiful, each time, I spend a good time. You are really talented and you inspire me. I’m a fan of your universe and the cross-over is a joy to me. Keep going like this and never stop! Thank you for everything ^^ (My nickname is Krumb) :3

I really love your art style and characters, keep up the good work

You’re a wonderful artist,and I appreciate the beautiful pieces you have made!Please continue to be the amazing creator you are!!!

Je suis français et j adore t’es dessin et histoire mais j aimerai que tu les finisse plus souvent mais sinon tu es geniale

Absolutely love your art, it’s just beautiful and amazing, all your characters are great and interesting making the questions about who’s the best and worst so difficult for me, please never stop as long as you enjoy your work. -Love, Natalie Rogers.

Luv u

Keep doing what you do and never give up on your passions – Onii-Blitz

Un des meilleurs artistes futa francophones ♥

Keep it up

Keep up the good work

Keep up the good work, i hope the best for ya

Ur cool, keep up the good work

I love me some futa and your art still is banging 😉

Great Artist, that draw good Futanari stories.

Really love the work your doing u inspire me to draw more. i really hope we meet someday in the future and be friends even if its by accident lol…have a wonderful year. juju/judo

Your art is lovely and I love how you do expressions

Your content is amazing, keep up the good work! <3

I love the universe you have created. The characters are fully realized and are compelling. Thank you.

Keep on being yourself! Don’t let anybody stop you from doing what you love! – Saiki from discord. 😉

Stay awsome

<(0)>.<(0)> – Aria

Im really happy that we didnt lose you in the tumblr purge love ya lewdua<3 (names Hahnu on the site)

“I love you :3
-dongers ”

I’m impressed by your work. Your characters are rather adorable. – Scorpio69Art

I love your work 😀

X3 nuzzles uwu U so warm

i really like how expressive you make your characters and that you do realistic hairy art and clean art

No futa appeared behind me, well at least i still got your nice art.

You’re a wonderful artist who is an inspiration for me to start drawing on my own. <3

You’re terrific at what you do 😉

I’ve been following you for a little less than a year, I think I started this past summer or late spring. And I’ve enjoyed everything! XD I still have to get the character’s names and everything straight in my head, but i enjoy it all.

You totally got me into futa stuff with your characters unique design and interesting backstories! I thank you for that!

Just keep doing your thing!

Keep doing this, you’re awesome and your art is beautiful, I’m Prop

Your stories mix cuteness and lewdness rather well. Nobody else pulls that off like you do. Hopefully your characters will enjoy their newly found freedom from moving out and we get to enjoy seeing them enjoying themselves!

Love your art style! Keep up the great work!


As someone whos recently gotten into trans, and big cock worship has always been my thing (for reasons :3) i’ve only founds this fairly recently and its my go to place for artwork. its great! 😀

I have just recently saw some of your art work on tumblr before it kicked the bucket and have most of your work saved. I am a fan of your work and hope you can continue without any problems and stay healthy👍✌

Lewdua is life.

Hi Lewdua, I really like your work! I hope you have many happy years ahead of you with time, funds and motivation to continue doing what you do. Thanks!

If you had a dick I’d totally poke it no homo

lov u

“i love you

I really like your series. ❤️❤️❤️ Makes me wish I was a part of it.

You’re doing great and you’re art skill are improving with each post.

i wish i can fuck nessie

Love your art keep up the work

you are awesome artist! i love yours characters

Your work is lovely and has good story’s, keep up the great work

I think your futa artwork is the best out there. I especially love how you but them in public situations.

One of the few artists I don’t just follow for the fap material, but also for the good art.

I love the art, and Alice is the best.

I’m glad to know your work!

You’re a great artist. And the stuff you put out is hot.


I love your artwork!

Enjoying your universe and hope to read more!


“Thank you for making such unique shorts. Sadly I’m not sure where I’d keep your merch if I bought it which is why I answered no.
Keep up the good work <3”

‘Dicks, dicks never changes” – naheethebrave

I love you and wouldn’t mind sucking your dick~

I love you and your amazing art lewdie

Keep on going. Love your little comics and love that you hand futanari and exhibitionism(something rather lacking IMO). Also happy to see a western artist drawing traditional futa rather than drawing a girl with dick and no vag calling it futa.

I love your art you make futas look so sexy. And fuckable I don’t want be fucked by a futa. I want to fuck the futa I’m a giver not a receiver. And your futas especially Alison wish they were real.

Good work, Love your art

You do really hot and sexy work. Keep it up. I guess maybe a bit more Futa on female if the mood strikes you.

love your work, keep up the story telling, and keep being awesome in the Futa community!!! also check out https://twitter.com/YonioniArt

I love your work, the way we can “feel” your caracters, i’d like new lewd and sex stories everyday

Riley: You are the most interesting and fun futa artist I’ve seen. Everyone else just draws their characters having sex with whoever but you actually have some faithful characters, and it’s never just for sex. It actually means something. And that’s why I always get excited every time you post. Keep up the good work!

i cant write nice things most of the time, sorry (the art is still good tho)


Stay like you are because if you don’t do it, who will?

Brendan. I love your art especially how cute Nessie is I just want the take her and kiss her

I think your artwork is great. And I’d like to say keep up the amazing work.

I hope you have a good day

Thank you so much for your work! You put so much effort into every piece, and it shows! You stand out from most other futanari artists in that you make your characters cute and sexy, and you put conscious effort into making an arching narrative with them. Keep it up! -balrog94

Your characters are cute and you do right by them

DekuScrub Loves you and your art, I want you to know that you’re the best!

I do not know who you are but you deserve many pampering

i like the art but im not invested in it, keep up the good work

I love your work! You are one of the few futa artists I regularly follow.

J’adore votre style, je n’étais pas fan d’art Futanari mais le suis devenu grâce à vous.

“Thanks for making great art!

Much love,

You are fantastic artist

Your have a great imagination of your futa creation :’)

I like your art, you are one of my favorite artist. KiaNiouMinx


I love your work

I think you’re doing fantastic art I’m a huge fan and I’m always looking forward to what you’re doing next

keep with the good boi/gurl/whatever

<3 I love the stories you’ve been making, more so than the lewd images

Best futa artist ever!

Good job

Your one of the best futa artists I’ve seen

I love your work and you have fulled my love of futa, so for that I thank you.

Your art is not only amazingly well-drawn but also so enticing. It always sucks me and NEVER leaves me dissatisfied 😉💚💚

Keep it up ! Enjoying the story so far

I love when you tell us when your drawings get you turned on.

“Hi Lewd-sama :3. I Totally love your art, the way the characters (Most Nessie and Alisson) really Love each other, and it’s not just Sex Sex and More Sex, They’re a cute couple and i want to see them even more! The sisters are very cute too (Natasha is bae) and you’re the one artist that don’t drawn excessive male characters (Alice is good, i love Alice) But if you want to draw males, I will not get mad. Keep making me happy with your cute and beautiful art. Love Ya.

Ps: We need more Futas”

Ce que tu/vous faites est cool, et même si les posts sont rares, j’apprécie a chaques fois

“I appreciate your server. I am not really good at drawing feminine figures so I learned plenty from your work. And if I may add I would like to see you draw something drastically different like a battle knight or a robot (in a non lewd manor) only because I am curious to see what else you are capable of.
-From Swole.”

Love from Sweden (づ。 ◕‿‿◕。) づ (username: snabb)

Come for the quality, stay for the romance!

UwU yeet the futa peen

Keep up the good work fam! Love the awesome Art hope to see you (if you do go to Hentaicon) soon ~anw33zytho

My favorite hentai artist! You artwork is amazing and I always await upcoming content. Keep them coming!

“Keep up the great work. I love your universe.

You do great work! <3

You are one of the best hentai artists working today, you keep it sexy and kinky without losing the characters dignity and love, it’s really amazing

Do what you love. It will love you back.

I love everything in your art

Your art is really enjoyable to look at and the storyline is fun to read. Have a great day Lewdia!

Hope you’ll be able to get enough money with your work to live of it (sry for bad english).

Your various styles are great, your characters are incredibly cute and expressive

“Your work has become like a monthly manga to follow,
Just do what you do!


Keep doing what you’re doing! You’re great at it, and you deserve every fan you have!

You make some of the best futanari work I’ve ever seen!

Thank you


Thank you for sharing and creating a such wonderful art for people like me who really can appreciate your effort, you show me that no matter how you can make your creations come true.

I Fucking love you work and art styles

I love your work! You do a good job making characters that are both cute and hot. Your characters have good dynamics together, too. Youre great at what you do, keep it up! – xXMemeScientistXx

You always manage to draw the hottest and cutest futas 🙂

You have a unique and fascinating artistic style that has made me watch for a very long time and do it further, you are a very talented, successful artist! ..Chip Cioplit .. ^ _ ^


I’m too shy >~< but I love your art soo much it makes me have a lot of cummies uwu

I love your work! Continue like that

i love your art style

Have a happy day

I love your artwork! Keep up the amazing sexy work!

Viana: keep up the great work

Keep up the good futa work

Your futa artwork is amazing. My favorite hentai artist of all time. Please never stop.

I love your art both to masturbate and inspire me to draw hentai

You’re art is cute and consistent. The writing is fun and playful and the scenarios are creative (I really love the scene of Alison and Nessie masturbating on the couch)

J’aime beaucoup ton travaille et je trouve ça intéressant de créer des personnages et une histoire futa.

You and your art are just amazing. Please keep up what you’re doing. I really appreciate you! -Red

You seem like a nice guy/girl, I hope you have a nice day 🙂

Love your passion. Keep doing what you love 🙂

Love u

Your work is amazing. Always been a fan 😛

Hope you have a good day and lots of inspiration for lots of futa stuff. Love Sepiks Prime (discord)

Your art is awesome. Your the only person I go to for sexy futz art.

Just overall amazing artwork^

First of all, the below message is still fake and I’d love to believe it really works… but about this, I’ll say I love your constant change of style between comics, it’s hard to do so because it might look like worse sometimes to some people, but you’re like singers, you like to change to keep it fresh to you and your audience. Keep it up! (Deceitful96, not really a Twitter follower ’cause I don’t have twitter, but whatever 😀 )


your art drives me wild

You draw good cocks

Your work is fantastic -AJ

Hey I just wanted to say I love the art work and the story line im always looking for good story line and yours got me hook so keep it up so I can keep reading lol -EJ

Divine Ancient Snorlax: I love your work, no matter how i wait for the next episode it will always be amazing no matter what.

I think your art is really enjoyable for whenever I can I come back to a fresh new thing or something else like this for instance.🙃

I love you and all of your art I think it’s so wonderful, I love seeing updates and where the story goes next everytime

Love your work

Ey, das pretty gud. -Subject

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE you for the work you create. I fully support everything you do that propagates your work 😀

I love your work and it has created a love for futanari. Thank you so much for your work and dedication. Please keep up your good work and art.

I love youuuu

“What I love about your work is the overflowing l̶i̶q̶u̶i̶d̶s̶ desire and romance between the characters, which range from incredibly cute to strikingly sexy, in the most daring situations A̶N̶D̶ ̶T̶H̶E̶ ̶B̶A̶L̶L̶S̶ ̶O̶M̶G̶
In short, your work is delightful and always brings a smile to my face. Thank you!”

I love your art and there is very little I don’t like about it. Keep up the great work and I wish you the best! – Dakota

Your art never ceases to amaze me! I love everything so far and can’t wait for more! With love ~ Frisk

Ever since I’ve discovered you on Tumblr your art has been a fantastic part of my day every time you upload a new piece and it also helped me start exploring my full sexuality instead of pretending that I was completely straight so thank you for that more than I could ever say – krielock

lowbrogoslow455 says “keep it lewd”

Keep up the fantastic artwork!

I really like your work, and my favorite Characters are Nessie and Alison!

Love your stories and art. So glad to have found it. Msfit

“Your shit is fucking hot. Idk if that qualifies as “”nice””, but it needs to be said. Thank you for your work and [insert some other humble compliment thing here]!
~ A guy who faps to dick girls.”

“I am not as god in the english for write a god message, but i love your art so much, it’s just the thinks i love in a draw, you are the best

i love your art

you’re the best! from russia with love!

lewdua is 100%

Keep up your work 😀

“None of your characters are useless. You have each one different enough to avoid overlapping themes to render one useless when compared to the others.
Keep drawing what you enjoy!

“You are an amazing person never change.

I love u and your art! It’s amazing, and sometimes even makes me horny! Cant wait for more-Flash

The ways that you express how much your characters love each other is truly great. Keep up the amazing work!

Keep your excellent work. I hope that fate give you great things

Keep up the good work! I always look forward to your art! 🙂

I don’t understand why people keep using the “😒” Emoji on your pictures, but i know you don’t let that get you down! Keep on making amazing lewd(ua) drawings for us all!

Hope you have a good day, and keep enjoying drawing!

You make my pp hard

I absolutely love your art. I’ve always loved drawing but I’ve never tried anything sexual until I came across your comics in Tumblr. You’ve inspired me to start creating more NSFW art and I can’t thank you enough. Please keep continuing what you’re doing!

Awesome I love it

Love the quality of your work

You’re fucking amazing at what you do and I’m looking forward for more of your art

“I love you so much for all that you draw

Keep it up! Love the dedication and universe!

You have the best comics out of everyone I have read before!!!

Keep up your hard and passionate work!~

i love your art and i love that you put all your passion into it, whatever your outcome is and whatever you decide is next we all support you. ps more animations plz!!!

Wish I could be fucked by the futas you make.

Your such a awesome and erotic artist love ya

Het that’s pretty good

To lewdua. You are a legend when it comes to your art,it’s one of a kind and a great turn on for when I’m bored( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). I would love to see some more of Alice that’s all keep up ths amazing work and don’t let anyone bring you down. From some guy named bobbabakabinks or just bob

Love your art, futas are amazing 😀

You draw the most wholesome futa i’ve seen in a while, i like your style and colors.

I just want to say thank you for sharing your talent & stories with us. These amazing characters you’ve created made me discover so much more of my sexuality & I can’t thank you enough for indirectly contributing to such discoveries. I always look forward to your stories every day. Btw…your website keeps logging me off lol.

It’s some pretty hot futanari.

You are an amazing artist.

I have adored your art since laying eyes on it, it may sound odd but seeing your art sometimes just really helps me through the day. Keep Up the good work!! – KDDD

I love your stile, you don´t just draw futa versions of known characters, you manage to develope your own characters that are futas and you make us care for them, creating a feeling. Because of that its not just porn, its erotic 🙂

I’m markus and I fucking adore your art and your characters I anticipate your next post since they all are amazing

Love you long time

pip pip cheerio, god save the queen and all that jazz. -ChompnBomb

I love all of your content! Keep up the good work

Your art’s the best!

You are such a good artist and i enjoy watching your art improve. Both in drawing and writing. Never lose that spark.

Don’t burn yourself out really try and get inspiration just how you normally would.

You’re a talented person who put themselves out there, and I appreciate you.

Your art is very impressive, your stories are amazing! Makes me wish i was any good at drawing. And everything you do is hooot! -Diri

all your characters are hot as fuck and your art is amazing (P.S do a face reveal sometime >: (

You are best 🙂

[Info ] je suis francais er defois j’aimerai que toute tes oeuvre soit en francais pleaz … Mais c’est toi l’artiste alor surprend nous <3 defois j’aimerai te parler via Facebook ou snap .. Prler comme ami et te donner des idee en + … Jtaime et continue <3 💪

Keep them cummin

I love your artwork 🙂 I can’t wait for more of your content!!

Keep up the good work.

You aren’t just making futa great, your making it AMAZING ♥ – Aurelea

The first time i laid eyes on your work, i immediately fell in love, the futas, the story, the art style, the characters, they were all perfect. Since i found you, i have been excitedly waiting every day hoping for a new story. Even to the extent where it has kept me going through tough times. I would like to thank you for the amazing art, story, and everything else. Keep doing what you do, because it’s amazing. Sincerly Wargh~

I love your art, you are one of my favorites. – Fire Shadow

Your art rocks

I absolutely love your art style! You’re character are so clean me soft looking I just wanna snuggle them, as well as other things hehe~ the character you make are great and I love their personalities! And lastly even though I haven’t seen your face or heard you much, I can tell you are a very nice person and deserve only the best.

You are an amazing artist! I also love your community on discord.

I enjoy the fun and light-hearted writing! As an adult, the world is often a dark place: Lewdua . com is a refuge from that.

U R Kool :>

You’re absolutely amazing! <3 I love your work, your story, and your characters to death! –Shyzune

You have a distinctive style that I reaaally like. I only found you recently but I’m already a fan. :>

have a good fun, and love futa

I Like your work both on the sexual content and the narration

I love you’re art, you’re so talented and amazing

I love your work and I feel bad for my choice of the useless character cause I really love them all

Hi, I’m SteveOBlocks, and this is my favorite futa artist in the Internet. (except maaaybe Spidu. Because, y’know. Spidu.)

You’re on of my favorites! So happy I found you. Good futa art and gifs are so hard to find!


I just want to say that I really appreciate your art. You’ve done so much world building and have made me become so attached to your characters. I especially love your comics and appreciate the fact that you have hairy alternates (so few artists do that!). Not only is your art sexy but I always get positive vibes when I read your posts. Thank you for doing what you do, you’re awesome! -TheSpiceMan

Why aren’t there more artists like you ? ;p

Keep up the great work. There’s still room for improvement, but everyone has an unique style when it comes to drawing.. and so far your stuff is amazing and you have improved quite a lot! ♡

Your artstyle is great

Thanks for all the good comics, I don’t have any income yet to buy your merch, but it’s lovely to read the stories you put out, so thank you <3

Love you and your art Lewdua. Keep up the good work <3 ~DeVo

Continue comme ça, on adore ton boulot! -N

I really like your work, it also encouraged me to use my old wacom…. And other things – FS

Did you know that your art got uploaded on pornhub and has literally millions of views?! Im serious and its impressive, look it up! 😀

I Love your art!

Keep gonig <3

You’re such a good artist and have such a good creative code. Keep it up pls, I can’t live without more Lewdua.

Thanks for the art

I love your art and your universe, and what really got me hooked is you draw things in a style I love that nobody else seems to do; futa-on-futa, anal, with lots of cum~ ♥ oh, and a bit of incest is hot, I suppose~ (from Mooney~♥)

You’ve changed my entire futanari experience! -anon

NotThatDota2PlayerYouKnow: the ~~cake~~ button was a lie.

Keep up >///<

Iliara says your art combined worth your story telling is amazing. I love the tender tone and romance in your works.

Your characters are a perfect combination of cute and hot!

You’re freakin sweet dude 👌

I love what you doing, i’m french and i love what do you do <3

Your universe, your art and everything is just the best. Thanks for making this glorious futa universe and looking forward to whatever comes from it all, and other works you create ^_^

Love your characters and stories keep it up

Your Art keeps me going when its getting rough at work. <3

you are the only artist that I continue to follow over time. I like futa and their exciting stories. please don’t stop until you have the passion that burns in you 😉

Your content gets me really horny as all the girls have bigger cocks than me (a big turn on). Also I’m jealous of Alison and Nessie!

“The art is great, the stories are great, the futa is perfect, and you are the most incredible person to do it

You make some great work that I hate that I love! Keep up the good work and dont let people take away what you are passionate about. Luv u

You are amazing

Everything is *chef kiss*

You are such a great artist, keep doing all your stuff. <3

Your works are sexy and fun!

“Lewdua I love your work, I think out of all the futa artists I’ve looked at you are my favorite.

Keep you the good work <3”

Use “K” as a nickname – “I really like your blending of Futa hyper-sexuality and romantic stories. And of course you are a very talented artist who draws very sexy art :D.”

You’re my favourite NSFW artist, and I’ve seen a ton.

Love the art keel up the great work

You draw a lot of body positive girls which is honestly welcomed!

Keep doing what your doing! – M

Love your characters ters and looking forward to seeing future adventures.

“Absolutely Love your work and the ongoing growth of yourself and characters.

You’re such an amazing artist!I really enjoy your works! Please continue and I wish you the best. God bless!

Love your work!

Love your work. I genuinely love Nessie and Allison. They are a better couple than the vast majority Hollywood stories. Keep up the good work ~ Gondryc

Great artwork, great world. Love everything happening with Lewdua and can’t wait to see where everything goes!

I’m luv u.

Thanks -SLR

love your work. Watching futa girls get naughty in a sweet way is super sexy. I like all the big dick worship by these cum sluts


i love your futas and their sexy antics and you’re a very sweet person yourself <3

You are awesome!!!!

I LOVE your artwork and PLEASE keep making more! It’s amazing and I love the stories you make!

You are the best -Plaugue

Your art style is really cool, and you draw excellent balls

Absolutely love your artwork and look forward to going over old stuff as well as new updates at the end of a long day.

Your art not matter context of the drawing makes me jealous I can’t draw

The way you write characters is very engaging, and I can’t wait to see more of them!

Your artwork is Rank S+++. Keep up the good work <3

You are by far the best nsfw artist in my opinion and the fact that you’re making a while universe niw with all your characters, I might just reaf it for the story instead of the porn.

love your work, u have passion and i respect that

You’re lewd… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Audrey is actually best girl

Love your art!

Some of the best futanari stories around.

You make great work man, keep it up and thanks.

Love the artwork you do, especially the hairy versions. Keep at it 😀 -YumYum

amazing mix of cute, holesome, and hot

“Venga, no solo me haces un buen material para diversión privada, si no que en algunos casos las situación hilarantes me sacan una sonrisa y me olvido un poco del amargado dia que puedo llegar a tener en el trabajo, mejoraste como artista desde que te vi por primera vez, honestamente me quedé más por tu estilo de dibujo que por la historia (aunque honestamente entiendo un carajo por que no se ingles XD) mejoras con cada dibujo y se nota la pasión que pones en ello se que mejoraras mas y llegaras mas lejos.


J’ai appris que tu étais Française ! J’adore beaucoup ce que tu fais mais c’est un peu trop court pour moi, et je pense que tu devrais introduire rien qu’un homme, qui pourra pimenter l’histoire !

Your work is inspired and creative!

You help me cum Everytime.

I love your art, very cute, lovely and sexy 🙂 xxx jentje

Nunca Pare continue Fzndo Minhas Deliçias

You ate my beans

Your art has a great style and every story is hot! 😀

your awsome

Love your comics! <3 they are amazing the story is awesome the characters are awesome ! 😀 please never stop! //xon’samdi

You have some of the best work

I love your characters and only chose one as usless cause I had to.

I love the different styles you try. Each one you use always seems to be the right style for that set mood. And makes all your characters sexy in different ways <3 -DethLok

You are by Far my number one favorite futa artist. I love you! >^<

Great job, Keep drawing and invading internet with futas (et en français)

I love your work! Keep at it, it brightens my day when I see more artwork is posted!

“you’ve come a long way and we came along with you, keep it up.
BR, Sam”

i love you

I love your art and you are a very nice artist. You are kind to everyone in your discord server and can handle constructive criticism when people try to help you. Also your art is top quality. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

one day I was just looking for something futanari related, but I ended up knowing a universe that I loved”

I love your art

you are an excellent artist I love all your works and all your characters keep going like that

I love everything you do, you are really gifted when it comes to your work in general. Thank you so much.

“I don’t really dislike Nessie I’m just flaming her so she’ll give me attention

Anyways keep up the good work so long as it’s fun for you sweetheart”

“Traducelo por que tengo hueva
Eres el mejor Men o women sigue con estos que yo no me pierdo nada”

Keep up the amazing work, you’re an amazing artist.

Thank you very much for (sorta) normalizing a fetish that I always had to hide! I’m really glad I ran into you and your art! Keep doing your best! – J

I love your work, the girls have given me good company during lonely nights 😉 – Qrow

Merci pour tes dessins Lewdua <3

You’re an awesome artist. I like that you post something new in a relatively short amount of time. Please keep making new stories, because I can’t get enough of them.

Out of many artists I’ve seen, your art is the most beautiful, and you even go through the effort to build an interesting world with likeable characters and creative interactions. Thank you!

keep doing the nice drawings

KoA Loves you

Keep up the good work 😉

Your work is simply great and I dont think it gets as much recognition as it should

you do some of the best futa/trap stuff ive seen, keep it up

I was just thinking how I would love to have a poster or something made by you. If that were to happen, I couldn’t possibly by it fast enough. Love your artwork, keep being you.


I gotta be quick-momwillbebackinfive 2019

Thanks for all your amazing art keep up the amazing work ♡ -lulu

i really love your work please dont ever stop

I always thought that your art had a nice charm that no other futa artist could emulate and I’m glad to say that after all this time, nothing has changed and you’re still the best -Dan

I always eagerly await the next chapter in your continuing story

Just keep up with the good work and provide us the better fap of our lives understood?

Thanks for the lewds m8

You’re pretty neat, just wanted you to know that -Camilla

I love you art it’s is soooo sexy and love it or should I say lust it

I love your cocks! ~H

love all of your works

a nice message for me <3

I love how comfortable you are drawing this! Any drawing tips for beginners?

“I really like your work, you’re like my second favorite artist for this stuff. All your characters are 👌.

And I’d love to buy mercy from you, but I simply can’t afford to spend money on stuff like that for the time being. So I left those questions blank.

Also Nessie is too cute and pure. I love her so much *-*”

I enjoy experiencing your art. Thanks for being you. 🙂

Great work I love it

Love your work!

I love all of your art work

<3 ya!

Absolutely love your art and the fact that you build the sex life around the character’s personalities! – Big Red

Keep up the good work. Never let the Haters shy away your love for Drawing lewds. This is your world, You’re the God of Lewds. – Kratos

“You’re awesome and I love your art, I already thanked you on your server once before but thanks again for being an inspiration to me, you’ve given me so much of the motivation I needed to keep drawing!
~lots of love, Boop”

you be cool-slice, homie

You’re awesome!

I absolutely love your artwork, it’s pretty much the reason I wake up in the morning. Thank you so much. Nickname :VEJP


“Your artwork it’s amazing!
– wanker”

keep up the good work

I’m really glad you and your art exist 🙂

You’re amazing, keep up the good work

I love you <3

Love you, and all the work you’ve done. Great job! @_not_matthew

Have a wonderful day/night and have fun

I love your art style <3

I love that you include french even in your English comics.

I wasn’t really into futa all thwt much until I found you randomly on twitter a week or two ago. Now I find myself visiting your site daily to see new pages of art. You’ve gotten me really into it and I find it super hot.

Keep it up i been jerking off futa than normal gender with chicks now with a BIG ASS DICK between “her” legs and also make more the doctor one make more senes of it and also have a nice day 😍

I love you art i wish i was apart of the universe keep it up/

I absolutely love your art-style!! Your comics are just amazing, the characters feel real and act according to their behavior, which makes them so believable and the stories so much more real in a whole!!keep up the good work, love from germany ~ Noa

Sorry about my lack of constructive criticism and my poorness. I really do love your work.

Thanks for drawing such cute futa couples!

I think you are a great artist and also a quite good storyteller! I think I love your character the most, they are one of the best futanari I ever seen

keep up the good work 😉

Give Electric Light Orchestra a listen, particularly their Eldorado EP. Very good band.

Yuo are the best


I love your drawing and it is progressing to progress and I want you to focus on Alison and Morgan more because it is the most beautiful of your characters and I want to see a story of them alone

I really love your art, you’re the one that showed me love to futa in general. I always thought like “what the hell, this is a little bit weird”, but you brought my kinks + futas together, and.. let’s say I LOVE IT. Thanks for your great art.

Love the shyness

Keep doing what you do cause you’re one of the best!

You’re the best futa artist on the internet, period

Best futa artist around

Are you a boy or a girl or bo..th?

Your art makes me horny AF

continue comme ça tu as du talent

Your work always helps to brighten my day!

i always love your work, the drawing is the best!


Your art style is my favorite out of all the lewd creators I’ve come accross! Ez!

Keep it up with amazing work!

I love your art. Nessie and Alison are probably my favorite couple you’ve made. Can’t wait to see what you make in the future.

thanks for all you work its really beautifully drawn and always a good read

Keep up the good work! Can’t wait to see the eventual Lewduniverse gangbang fuckfest!

love that you also do gifs

Ik these could take a while but more good like stories like i love the sisters one

Keep up the good work!!

You has come a long way

You’re really talented

Your artwork is fantastic and the comic stories are very well done <3

Being a futa, your art inspires me a lot, Thank you so much (i’m french too)

Love, love and love, ItalianGold

You’ve crafted a really good relationship between Nessi and Alison. It’s cute and sexy! It feels very really. Nice work! – Ripp666

I love your work. And the story you put along with it.

Nice art and characters, already waiting for your next pages;)

Une belle représentation hentai de notre pays! 🙂

keep it up


Really good coloring work!

I love u <3

Nessie… I love that you always are so considerate with us (bunch of horny perverts)… in a perfect world (without STDs, and double standard morality) I would love to have a giant orgy party. But in this world I am glad at least to be able to see your lovely work.

You are so cool I bet ur subscribed to pewdiepie

Honestly, the realism of your body shapes, and how sexy they all are is maybe my favorite part of what you do. I am super jealous of your hermaphrodite characters, and wish there was a GOOD way to be like them. You’re one of my favorite artists, sfw and not. Thank you for what you do. -BH1313

Your work is great. I would love to watch a serie made by you. Many episodes, many characters. Your stories stories are very creative and make you want to see more. Amazing job. Greetings from Brazil.

J’adore ce que tu fais. C’est hyper excitant, hyper bien fait. Et je suis toujours impatiente de la suite !

I love all your artwork and your art style! I always highly anticipate the next parts of your stories, you’re so creative and inspiring! ~Lewk

“I voted Miss Rosewood because is the character that I dislike more, maybe because is too “”mature”” for my tastes, but I don’t think there is a “”useless”” character. I wouldn’t buy any merchandise or artbook only because I don’t have much money, it’s not because I don’t want to support you. keep going! Oh, the “”futa behind you”” button isn’t working :/ you have made my depression worse :'(.

P.S. sorry for my bad english, actually I’m not english.”

You’re work is honestly some of the greatest I’ve seen. I’ve been thinking about trying to get back into drawing and you just keep adding inspiration. Keep up the good work!! xoxo

Keep up the good work. I love your art.

I love your frequent updates and i can tell you put alot of love when writing your characters 🙂 – Clef

I love your art! and everyone looks sexy AND beautiful <3

Keep up the great work <3(If this makes it on the website it’ll make my day uwu)

I love every thing ur doing, an I hope you keep doing it for a very long time

Keep up The good work!

Your one of my favorite artists, and I can’t wait to see how you do in the future

You go girl! if that is what you are lol

(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))♡ make more Futas

Keep up the fantastic work!!!!!

I love the characters and the stories

Thank you for your arts 🙂

You are awesome, thank you!

You’re really talented. Wish i could thank u enough for it x3

Your characters are fuckin adorable!

Your work is fabulous!

Your art is rad 🙂

Thanks you for being such a great artist and being a good hear for your community, it feels really great to be heared

I appreciate your art so much and love that you put so much effort into your characters! – Jaqwerty

hug me… but you can “poke” me instead if you want

I like your work not just because it’s hot but the characters are actually interesting

Love the art style as well as the story. -Zorlz

“Hi there, just love your artworks! Keep it up.
Would also like a t-shirt with your art, even with NSFW art – wouldn’t be ashamed to wear that in public!
Greetings from Germany, Alipheese_XV”

Ailoki, thanks for all of the wonderful content! please keep it up, much love and support.

I love your art it is amazing and I love your art style and characters, so keep creating amazing futas for the world to enjoy -cc

Your talent for portraying the real emotions involved in young/taboo romance, both in text and in images, is really second to none. -Rodney


Keep it up

i sincerely think you’re one of the best futa artist around, not just for the artstyle, but more for the love that you clearly put in your character and in keepin them consistent

Give me your ass 😛

Love your work and the new character Rosewood, definitely want to see more of her!

you have the best futa comics, im excited for the future projects.

“I love your art and I’m very happy every time you post new stuff <3 Oh and I think my futa button on the last question is broken, can I have a new one? ”

Great job! Very cute and naughty.

i love you

“You’re an amazing artist and your work is something I’d love to pay money for if I had the funds
And hey, at least you know you’ve got a chick admist the sea of testosterone xD”

You’re dedication to your artwork is amazing. Your passion for it really shows in how your characters have come to life over the years and how your style has developed.

I really like your art and futa

your art is pretty nifty

keep your excellent work more and more

Keep going on! You is a legendary! Never be change as someone. -Pow

Love futa stuff. Your art is really good and gets me hard from time to time. Would love to actually bang a real life futa girl. 😋 Keep up the great work! 😊

You’re great. Keep it up!

Love you. Nick- Odin

Not enough cum!

You are my favorite artist 💕

You’re the best!!!

te quiero

I love how cute your characters are!-monkeyblade

Please do me

Love your universe and style. Alison and nessie are great characters.

As a man, I get so jealous of your Futa’s dicks and bobs X-D

I love your unique style of art and the characters you’ve made

You’re a great artist, and I look forward to it every day, keep up the great work, please. <3 (Nickname: Tame)

i adore your work, Lewdua! You fill my balls with endless sperm (I wish my ass too haha). And i have no regrets about being your VIP patron. A physical colouring book from you would be heaven! But i want to make clear, even though I prefer physical content to buy, i would also buy digital! French kisses and all my love forever, adam ♥ xo

Franchement j’aime le dessin et ton travail en général je vois que tu y met du tiens et ça fais plaisir. Je ne me suis attaché qu’à 4 personnage mais je lis leurs histoire avec plaisir même si un peu plus de folie ne ferai pas de mal :p . Enfin tous ça pour dire que j’adore ton travail continue comme ça en espérant que tous aille dans le meilleurs des sens

Love your art! Have always been into futas but you made me like traps a little bit too! ~1v1Rust

If money weren’t tight right now I’d buy everything. ~Jackal

love you

Your art is wonderful and you’re so lovely and thoughtful. I hope you hirse even higher.

Love you 🙂

You’re amazing..i keep up to date on each on every one of your posts and i fap to them as soon as its done 🙃

I hope your penis grows, or grow one. What sex are you? -Pc

I just wanted to say I really enjoy your art work. I check your web page every few days and get really excited to see updates. I’ve looked back on your earlier work and you can see how far your drawing and coloring has come. Now you have all these new characters and they’re coming together and I cant wait to see what you do with it. I’m sure alot of people will have opinions on what you ought to do, but I hope you just keep doing what ever makes you happy.

You’re my favourite futa artist and I love your stories & characters. <3

Your stuff is cute and hot!

You’re an amazing artist and you let people view it for free thank you

Man first thanks so many for having pretty much everything free I really appreciate that since I am a university student n all don’t got a lots of money so yea and I love love ur art style. All the characters are all so lovely and hot af. I always had love for futas but this website has increased it drastically and also get me into futa comic. Ur party where Alison and Nessie at a party dressed in costumes that was my first guy comic ever and I have loved it every since. But now cuz of Alice I have found a new love trap 🤤🤤. I love traps man they very nice. But on a serious note I really appreciate and great free art work of yours. Sorry for the long message and thanks for all u have done I really appreciate it since I can’t support you with money I will support u in spirt and with words and thanks for ur time 💕♥️💕♥️ And to end it all again I am gonna say I love art work and is so good 🤤 that I cum to it everyday (DetectiveGamez101) hope we be become friends in the near future ♥️.

“Your art is great but i just wish you would make more videos.
My nickname is SD”

“Not a lot of animators make stuff as cute as you do
You’re doing pretty well”

I love your characters!

You are so awesome

I really love all of your drawings, and your characters are all amazing. Keep up the the amazing work.

“You draw great boobs”

I think Ludelala is a pretty cool. Eh draws cocks and doesn’t afraid of anything. -p4

Been looking at your art for a year now and would like to say keep doing you, don’t change. – Familiar

Je suis pas très doué pour ce genre de messages mais continue comme çaet fais de ton mieux !

Keep up the good work. Don’t stop for anyone!

Your the best Futa artist right now

Well, I can tell you, your work is amazing, love Alison at first sight xD as well as I was getting to know your other characters, not many of you answer to your liking about futanari girls, you have created a small world for people that share that taste, either for morbid or simply because the girls are beyond what is sensibly beautiful, I hope you continue to work hard and that you are rewarded for your beautiful projects, I am Latin and although we are from different places we share the same taste and love towards futanari girls.


Ello love!


Love your art <3

I really love your work. Keep it up! 🙂 I’m looking forward to your next piece of art.

Love the faces you draw! PS: Nessie’s balls <3

“You’re an amazing artist with amazing chars, don’t ever let nothing get ya down
– Case”

A bit late to your smut making career because I only found you after seeing your animation but I love your art for more than just the smut, I like the world and characters you have created.

For the longest time I couldn’t really find consistent futa art. Happening upon your site some couple months ago was like discovering the pirates treasure after years of searching, and actually making away with it. – Nexus

you’re the first “sexy” artist that I enjoy so much that I’m seriously looking into giving money

Nessie is the best v:

Vamoos – There are only two artists I follow, and you’re one of them!~

I love your art your my favorite futa artist and your art style is amazing. Keep going strong!

I don’t know if it is the right place, but i’m really sorry i said i would not buy your stuff, it is just that at the moment i don’t make my own money… if i did i would definitely buy it. Lots of love for you.

Through you I have fallen in love with futa’s

Your the best artist I know

Your artwork is unbelievably amazing.And also you are doing an exelent job,stay at it the way u have been doing it so far.Im happy to see more from your stories coming up,and u have my loyalnes as a fan.Have a good day😘

“Your art is fine, and any improvements or changes you would like to do, I will simple follow. Please, follow your heart when it comes to your art.

I love your art oh and the dicks are a plus

Love your work! I’m gonna tell all my friends and family about your site 😛

I spend… probably too long… on your website. I love your characters and their personalities. That’s either my problem or you’re just too great. I love you!! <3<3<3

Your art is amazing, I look at it everyday and I love you

You the bomb!

I love your art and it’d be awesome if you dabbled in some oil wrestling and sexfighting

Lewd on you beautiful bastard<3- Snowbro

Franchement bravo pour tout ton travail, j’ai tout de suite accroché à ton style et je dois avouer que moi aussi je suis devenu lewd gràace à toi, continue 😉


Keep your art as sweet and awesome as it is! – Ora


Love your mini story

The plots in your stories are just as enjoyable as the art!

All hail the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

“Love your art work. Can’t wait to see more in the future. More characters, more wholesome connections and relationships.
Please keep up the good work <3”

I love your work so much, you are the best futanari artist o know

Love your art so much.

Great work!

Keep up the great stories

You’re a great artist that uploads frequent and is consistent

Natasha’s monstercock is 10/10. Alice is cute as hell

y̸͙̹̹̭̹̏͒͘̕o̶̰̦̟̲͖̞̍ͥͨ̽ͨú͕͔͍͖̃ͬ̓ͧͣ͒r̢̹̻̲̉͜ ͮ͛͛̄̀̑͋̎҉̢͎̯̩͜a̷̧͉͈̣̳͈ͦͯ̄ͤ̅̆̆͝r͎̺̻̥̞̄ͣ̒́̓ͪ̃̆͒t̸̮̥̣ͨ͌ͪ̿̓ͫ͟ ̛̇̓̇̈̿ͦ҉̱̘̞͞ḿ͔̰͍̝͍̙̼̉͒͘͟ạ̡̪̪̪͆͌̉͊ͭ̓̆̈́̈k̻̞̬̖̉̀̈ͮ̌é̸͔̳͎̜̉̑͂ͦ͡ ̨̝͉̰̺̬̬̈͊ͦ̉ͫ̚m̻̭͇̺̯̝̹̩ͭ̍͑͊̓͂ͮ͌ý̧̟̗̣̰̘̬̣ͥͫ͆̂̋͌͗ ̢͔͎͓̘̰ͮ̃̓̑d̦͆ͧ͊͐̎i͍͚͓̿̿ͤ͗͗͒ͅç̢͚̱̤̰͉̭͍̹̈́̆̉͊̀ͤ̈́͟k̡̦̣̺ͮ͑̔ͥ͝ ̛̭̬̄̈́̾́h͋̎̈́ͦ͒̾͏̵̛̝̗̙a̸̡̡͓̣ͤͧ͗̀ͬ̌ͅȑͣ̆̐ͬ͟͏̭͎̱͇d̙̖̩̼̰̔́̃̈́͗́̑ – Ezekiel Benquiffis Xehanort

you draw nice breasts and hot stories

You’re my favorite artist for futa and i’ll always support your work!

“The art create is awesome the fact that you can draw nicely and have shades to it.
The fact that the characters are awesomely cute and romantic.
It’s just awesome on how you’ve come this this level unlike the millions who have tried.


Your art is amazing and you should keep it up without overworking yourself c:

I love Alice so much!

My girlfriend showed me the shower comic about a year ago and I’ve been a fan ever since.(I think even a bigger fan than her lol) Keep up the good work.

This is dumb, but you are literally my go-to when I masterbate. My girlfriend really wants to be a futa IRL and she would have never told me or opened up if she didn’t see your site on my bookmarks. Now we look at your stuff together all the time 😍

Very well drawn and coloured art! Love IT!

You inspired me to pick up drawing again after years of neglect. After college and moving to another country for work, I felt a little lost and your comics helped me get back into self expression. Thank you so much!

You rock, thanks for everything!

I love your art

The best website I’ve ever visited, nice drawings I love them <3

I love your work!

Keep up the good work

You are a great artist and I hope this never ends (because I love it) [and i love you]) and I wish you a great day and an awesome life! 💜💜

I really enjoy your art and seeing futa representation is great, youre a huge inspiration to me, keep up the great work – Snow

I love your work please keep it up

You are truly a hidden gem of a really good non-Japanese futa artist

I adore your art

Your characters are so cute that even the “Safe for work” stuff makes me do … unsafe things even at work <3

i love your art i think its great that you are proud of your work and have taken the time to develop it. oventree64

pp hard, plz send help

you are the best, please continue so

I actually love what you are creating i am from Mexico 🇲🇽 and i would like, actually it will be the best honor if you can use my OC in your stories i do not care the marketing or publicity even if you dont say my name, i just want you to use my oc in your stories, i dont care if its as a secondary one

I love your unique art style and your content always has just what I’m looking for!

Thanks for drawing cute girls with big dicks!

I love all your work and how you make more than just one off drawling. You’ve made stories where I can about the characters and what they do.

I love your stuff, the characters are so cute!

Your art is great and your scenarios as well! I wish you continue to enjoy what you do! ~STLexus

You just keep being you because that’s what we all love about you

Hi there! I just wanted to say I love your work and always look forward to seeing a post from you. My two favorite characters would be Nessie and Alice. Nessie for her loyalty and shy attitude, and Alice because of them being a trap. 😛

keep up the great work! love your stuff!!

can i suck alison’s dick

I love your art style your characters are engrossing when you tell their story. Keep it up <3 ash

“Really great work! Adorable stories and lovely characters, who get more and more fleshed out with each story! I can’t wait to see how they grow in the future with their universes crossing over!
(Nickname- SV-Writer)”

“I love your work! Not only for the futa and other hentai, but the story too!” -JVN

ure work make my pepe hard

You’ re my favorite futa artist keep doing your work, it’s amazing

Really love your work. Insatiable Curvy ladies are the best. You make this straight guy confused and he likes it.

I love your work. Never stop making it!

I love the way you draw your people’s faces 😀

Just keep it up *wink wink*

Your characters never fail to improve my day!

Eh you’re pretty cool I guess- spoopy boi


Unlike other artists, you really empathize the lovey cute romance between your characters

Really nice work :3

You are the best <3

“That button bellow doesn’t work :’v

Dicks and balls are neat!

Thanks for your art

Alice is the cutest!!

have a nice day

Your doing great I’d say you and pigeon are my go to for futa stuff so thanks for everything *bow* Nickname Yoru

thanks for existing! your drawings made me accept who i really am

I can’t state enough how great your art is. You are easily my favorite futa artist, and there is just such a warmth and sexiness about your art and characters that is immensely appealing. You rule! Please keep up the excellent work.

I love you, keep up the great work!

Even though tumblr shit it’s pants, your ideas never will

i LOVE your work since the beggining!!!!!! ITS AWSOME!!!

Palapaladin1 – The way you show off various body types and styles is really refreshing, and everything looks very professional and well done~

you draw some of the best dicks imo

I feel like you put a lot of thought and effort into your work. Keep it up!

You are quite epic. Very talented drawing