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The apartment - Crossover

Starting in January 2019, all of my characters now share the same universe (Lewdies Crossover). All of their past experiences will be attached to this universe as well, despite any minor inconsistencies.

Beginning today, by lucky coincidence, lovely couple Nessie and Alison, sisters Karen and Natasha, and Alice, Alison’s older brother, will share the same apartment for their time at University.

The elevator doors parted with a ding, revealing the two sisters. On exiting, they turned to walk along the third-floor corridor towards their new home. Karen and Natasha, having just collected their apartment keys, were ready to settle in and unwind after a busy day at school.


“I hope they’re all nice,” said Karen, as she walked.


Natasha nodded. “It was the one… at the end of the hall… right?”


Karen felt a bit apprehensive about meeting her future roommates. No further details had been provided about them… ah well, nothing left to do but cross her fingers and hope for the best. She glanced quickly at her sister, who’s calm face didn’t appear at all worried. Typical Natasha.

Arriving at the door, the brunettes caught each other’s eyes. From within, loud and irritating music was making the walls vibrate. Natasha shrugged passively. With a sigh, Karen turned her key in the lock and cautiously pushed open the door.

An empty entranceway stretched inward before the siblings. Karen rushed inside and, once Natasha had followed, immediately closed the door to avoid letting any further noise into the hall. Seeing no one there to greet, the girls took several strides to enter the main living area.

Alice, playing a video game while sitting on the couch with his back turned, didn’t notice their arrival. The music, coming from one of the bedrooms nearby, became even louder. Karen  tried her best not to startle her new flatmate as she raised her voice to be heard.




With a jolt, Alice turned and jumped up clumsily to address his new roommates, blushing deeply in the process. Karen and Natasha each gave him a warm smile as they seemed to recognize his striking face. Taking advantage of the blaring music to cover his shyness, Alice simply returned a gentle smile.

He remembered the drinks he’d bought with Alison for this occasion and hurried off to search the refrigerator.

Natasha yelled after him, overpowering the din, “We’ve already met at school, no!?”

Drink in hand and feeling much more comfortable, Karen felt it was time to ask the obvious question about the dance music. She caught Alice’s attention, and pointed towards the sounds.

“The two others… are in there?!” she asked, her voice slightly anxious.


Alice nodded, set down his drink, and, without hesitation, dashed off to the bedroom in question.

To be continued…

Hey lewdies,

I made this little story to introduce the apartment and the first “contact” with the characters. Oh wait, … Nessie and Alison are missing. To be continued!

I’ll try to use the text format for SFW stories, it’s faster to make, and I like those little drawings too :3 I hope you like it! Thanks to PhDhentai ( https://twitter.com/PhDhentai ) for the english version of the text <3

About the apartment:

The apartment is located on the 3rd floor, with a balcony, two double bedrooms, one single bedroom, and a small kitchen facing the living room.

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