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Calling mom

“Yes, I met a classmate, she visits me for a little bit a few times. “

“Yeah yeah, mom. Don’t worry, she is nice and stuff”

“Yeah” “Well” “Yes, YEs” “Hmmm <3”

“She is helping me my homework”

“No no, don’t worry.”

“No one ever noticed…”

Hey lewdies <3

Today is the National Day in france (July 14th).

Nessie is french, living in USA for some reasons, and today, she decided to call her mom to get news. But day life can be complicated sometimes when you are living with Alison <3

Also, maybe you noticed I experimented AGAIN another coloring style, I hope you like it!

Hairy version : https://imgur.com/a/mL1IDH7



The Odd Umbreon said…
Happy French national day!! 🥰☺️😊🤗😄😁😌😊🙂😄