Hello everyone, I’m LEWDUA.

I’m an amateur artist and I've been drawing futanari and lewds -almost- every night for years. I love it! All my art is FREE

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Alison in the showers

Girl: “Hey Alison, uhhhmm what are you doing?”

Alison: “…mmm that’s it Nessie, suck my thick cock, mmmm!

Girl: “Oh Alison!? Wow, she’s… really big!”

Alison: “Mmmm! That’s right Nessie, you make me sooo big! Ahh!! Fuck, take it deeper! Nnnhg, n-now lick the tip! AHHH, show me your mouth, I’ll fill it with my cum!!!



Unknown said…
amzaing as always O.o
Guiiug said…
Man, your work is wonderful.... She has a great body