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For Nearie

Nearie and Nessie: A Birthday Surprise – by PhD

Janearia Sunshimmer wrenched open the door, her arm shaking a little in anticipation of the events to come. In the entryway stood a slim blonde schoolgirl, who was clasping her hands nervously and looking down at her toes. The familiar green of her jacket and navy blue of her skirt made Nearie smile, exposing the lone inch-long canine tooth of her lower jaw.

“Good afternoon, my dear! Thank you so much for coming over!” said the gorgeous, if somewhat imposing, orc-elf hybrid as she tucked a loose strand of auburn hair behind her dramatically pointed ears.

“Happy birthday, N-Nearie!” stuttered Lochness, her nerves getting in the way of her speech. Nearie thought that her guest’s momentary panic only made her more adorable.

Lochness took a deep breath, then formed a rushed sentence. “I’m… I’m sorry Nearie, but I couldn’t think of anything to bring as a gift, and all of the sudden it was too late!” The schoolgirl’s sapphire eyes turned watery as she struggled to hold back her emotion. This was Nearie’s first birthday since they’d met, after all, and she’d probably ruined it!

Closing her eyes, a solitary tear beaded on Lochness’ thick eyelashes. But just before she began to sob, she felt herself enveloped by Nearie’s presence, the woman’s powerful arms pulling her into a firm embrace. A hand gently patted at her straw-colored hair, sending a comforting feeling through her body.

“It’s ok, sweetie. It’s fine! The only thing I really wanted today was to spend more time with you!” soothed Nearie, wiping the salty droplets from Nessie’s face.

Lochness sniffed as the reassuring pats continued. “Thanks, Nearie. You made me feel so much better just now!” 

The half-elf, half-orc bent down, her glowing green eyes meeting those of her lover. “Why don’t you come on inside, and we’ll find something to cheer you up.”

Nearie turned and Lochness followed her inside, shutting the door as she entered. The pair made their way into the home, heading through the atrium and towards the kitchen. As they walked, Lochness noticed a few things that seemed strange. For one thing, Nearie was wearing a new outfit that she hadn’t seen before, suggesting that it might be newly purchased. The garment was pink, with dark piping to accent the flowery hue. Its top was an uncomfortably tight-looking corset that didn’t even cover Nearie’s nipples and left a large portion of her midriff exposed. The bottom was a frilly pair of panties that were far too indecent for the public and did almost nothing to hide her lengthy futa cock, and quaking balls, as she walked. A matching lace collar around Nearie’s neck completed the look. Lochness could feel the arousal building in her loins as she watched from afar.

But something else distracted her for the moment. The whole house was quiet, and seemed completely empty of any other guests. In the middle of the hall, Nessie came to a stop. Nearie heard the girl pause, and turned to face her, flashing a concerned expression.

“Um, Nearie? Where is everyone else? I thought… I thought this was a party.”

The towering brunette turned, her teeth flashing dangerously as a mischievous smirk spread over her face. “Oh, it’s just you and me, Lochness.”

“Whaa…?” began Nessie, but Nearie came close and put a long finger up to the schoolgirl’s lips.

“Shhh, just stay right there. I have something for you.”

Nearie whirled around, her long ponytail whipping across her back, and disappeared into another room. She returned a moment later, holding what appeared to be a pile of blue and magenta lingerie.

“I want to see you in this.”

Blushing, Lochness looked down at the undergarments. “I’ll… go change.”

“No,” interrupted Nearie, “Strip right here. Right now.”

Lochness obeyed, not wanting to disappoint Nearie on her special day. The elf-orc hybrid watched with approving eyes as her lover undid the buttons of her jacket, tossed it aside, then unhooked her bra and flung it away. Next, the schoolgirl’s pleated skirt fell to the floor, followed by the thong that cupped her testicles. Her thick, semi-flaccid cock slipped free, hardening slightly as it was exposed to the cool air of the space. Naked, the abashed Lochness took her new outfit from Nearie’s hands and began to slip it on. It resembled a dress, with a pinstriped blue top and a frilly purple skirt that did nothing to hide her butt or her monstrous serpent-like organ. She tried to fit her bust inside, but there wasn’t quite enough room, so she just left both of her tits hanging out in the open. Still slightly embarrassed, Lochness slipped on the colorful highsocks and collar that accented her new appearance. Judging by the way Nearie bit her lower lip, the look was good on her.

Nearie came closer, her hand grasping Lochness’ hardened cock and giving it a few experimental caresses. The schoolgirl could see Nearie’s penis straining against its thin fabric prison, and in a bold move, made to set it free. As she tugged the front of Nearie’s underwear down, the woman’s generous endowment swung forwards. Lochness caught the tool reflexively, its weight making a loud slap against her palm, and directed it toward her own. A shiver of excitement rattled through her as their dicks touched, and she pushed her hips forward slightly. Both girls pressed their lengths together, Nearie’s rubbing up against the underside of Lochness’.

“Lochness?” whispered Nearie.

“Yes, Nearie?” answered the blonde through heavy breaths.

“I need you to use your mouth. Right now.”

Lochness didn’t hesitate at all. Instead, she pulled her cock from Nearie’s grip and lowered herself to a kneeling position. She hooked her fingers under Nearie’s panties and slowly pulled them down to the half-elf, half-orc’s ankles, revealing her apple-sized balls. They swayed hypnotically as Nearie’s cock waved about in front of Nessie’s face. Wasting no time, Lochness pounced on the futa’s dick, engulfing the tip with more force than either of them expected. The intense feeling of Lochness’ tight mouth caused Nearie’s knees to buckle immediately, and she fell to the floor with a thump. Her lover moved with her, not letting a single inch of the cock slip from her powerful lips. Once Nearie’s graspable ass came to rest on her calves, Nessie went back to work, her head nodding up and down along the girthy member that she was meant to worship.

The flaxen hair on either side of Lochness’ face had fallen over her cheeks, hiding her face from view as she indulged Nearie’s oral fantasy. But Nearie wanted a clear view of her own cock as it entered the girl’s mouth. She ran her hands through her lover’s blonde mane, her fingers grasping at the twin hair bows that bound the matching tails on either side of Lochness’ head.

Nearie removed both, and tossed one aside. With her free hand, she gathered up the girl’s swaying hair and pulled it back from her face, revealing at once an open view of the blowjob in progress. Using the remaining bow, Nearie tied the hair into a single loose tail, then placed her hands around the balls of her feet, content to simply observe Lochness’ technique.

“Now I can see that pretty face.” The two made eye contact for a moment, each sensing the others passion in the intimate moment.

As she sucked, Lochness tasted the first evidence of Nearie’s precum, a sweet, slick substance that filled her mouth with new warmth and helped her manage the oversized tool. This was the first time that Lochness had given Nearie head, and she wanted to make it special. Fortunately, she’d recently developed just the type of skill required. Grabbing the back of Nearie’s thighs, Nessie thrust her head down, submerging the whole member deep inside her esophagus. Nearie cried out, her mind barely able to comprehend the pleasure. She looked down, her mouth gaping, and saw Lochness’ lips stretched around the broad hilt of her colossal penis.

“L-Lochness… where did you, unfff! Where did you learn to d-do that!”

The schoolgirl choked back an unintelligible reply, not bothering to extract herself from Nearie’s dick. More precum rushed from Nearie’s cocktip, flooding her throat and making her job even easier. There was so much of it that it almost felt like Nearie was cumming inside her, but of course, that wasn’t possible. Because of Nearie’s curse, which she had explained several times at length since they had met, it was impossible for her to ejaculate. Lochness was secretly disappointed and slightly confused by this, but she always found ways to make the relationship work.

As she rapidly deepthroated Nearie’s delicious shaft, another rush of clear precum filled her gullet, this time enough that it surged down into her mouth. Unable to contain the fluids in her bursting cheeks, Lochness felt the musky secretions start to dribble out from the corners of her lips. Inhaling a nose-full of Nearie’s heavy pheromones, she noticed for the first time the neediness in her own stiffening cock.

Each time Lochness’ lips impacted the base of Nearie’s meat pillar, a spray of precum splattered over her face, filling the hallway with a series of wet slapping sounds that only served to increase Nearie’s fluid production. Breasts and chin pressing up against the elf-orc hybrid’s ballsack, she could feel them roiling and shifting, working overtime to make a fresh load of cum that they could never release.

After just a few minutes, pre covered every inch of Lochness’ tits, rolled down Nearie’s thighs, and dripped to the floor. Some of it hung off the schoolgirl’s chin, forming silken strands that caught the light as they swung about nonstop. Lochness closed her eyes, concentrating on each quick movement of her head as she rammed herself down on her lover’s impressive cock. Nearie wanted her mouth, and Nearie was going to get it. All of it.

Watching helplessly as Lochness slid down over her dong again and again, Nearie screamed and moaned obscenely, unable to form any words. She could smell the scent of her sexual essence as it flowed from Lochness’ lip and covered her smooth skin, working its way between her balls and over her hidden pussy. Hearing the slurps and splashes coming from her crotch only served to make her push even more lubricant into her patient lover’s taut esophagus. Tears formed in her eyes as her cock begged desperately for a climax. In the moment, Nearie managed to cry out, her voice shaking with pleasure. “Your m-mouth!

Take me all the way… d-down and don’t let go!”

Lochness obliged without thinking, driving her face down on Nearie’s member and sealing her lips around its hilt. She swallowed repeatedly, and used her tongue to lap at the sensitive underside of Nearie’s slippery phallus. More globs of sexual fluid forced into her throat, as if Nearie were trying to fill her stomach, and Lochness imagined it was steaming jizz. Her own cock was desperately hard now, pressing down against the floor and smooshing her balls against her thighs. Its sensitive cockhead had emerged from her long foreskin and rubbed distractingly against the carpet. Precum of its own beaded at the tip and left dark streaks on the floor.

As Nearie thrust her hips, unable to control herself, Lochness had an idea. The half-elf, half-orc clearly wanted to orgasm, and while she wouldn’t be able to release her sperm, she could climax in another way. If Lochness’ mouth wasn’t stuffed full of lady cock, she would have smiled deviously.
Without warning, the blonde lifted her right hand away from her lover’s soft thigh and shoved two long fingers deep into Nearie’s pussy, aiming right for the spot that she knew would cause the most intense feeling. Her thumb pressed against the clit, automatically swirling over the engorged bud. It caught Nearie by surprise, and in her unprepared state there was no way she could hold back.


Nearie gripped the soles of her feet even tighter as a vaginal orgasm rocked her body and sent a spray of girlspunk cascading over her legs. The fluids joined the precum that already coated Lochness’s breasts, giving her yet another thorough soaking. She saw that there was a pool of it forming at her knees.

As Nearie came all down her front, Lochness could feel even more of Nearie’s juices ricocheting inside her gullet. She tried to swallow as much as possible, her eyes starting to run as she held herself down on the pulsating member. There was no way she would back off, not even an inch, until Nearie was through with her birthday orgasm. Her thoughts became clouded, caught between her attention to Nearie and her own throbbing dick, it’s pounding veins now clearly visible. Time seemed to slow as she swallowed and fingered, not wanting the moment to end.

All at once, she felt a tug on the hair at the base of her neck, lifting her mouth away from Nearie’s groin. With a fair amount of effort, Nearie forcefully tugged Lochness from her tool, tearing the schoolgirl away from her favorite futa knob. Nessie gulped, trying to resist, wanting only to hold the erect cock in her mouth for a few minutes more.

But with a loud slurp, Nearie pulled herself free of Lochness’ dripping lips, her hand wrapped over the girl’s lone blue hair bow. Clear fluids sprayed out as her cock wriggled free, splattering across her heaving breasts and even managing to land across her lips. She reached out with her tongue, eager to lap them up and see what Lochness had been tasting this whole time.

“That, Lochness,” panted Nearie, “was the best gift you could have given me.” She let go of Nessie’s locks, and the girl collapsed into her thighs, left cheek resting up against the elf-orc hybrids hot balls and still-erect cock.

“Happy… happy birthday, Nearie,” replied Lochness weakly, still trying to catch her breath. Nearie’s eyes ran over the figure of her lover, and she grinned at the way that Lochness nestled up to her thighs and looked adoringly her prick. She took in the beads of sweat that rolled down Lochness’s neck and towards her sticky cleavage. And of course, she saw the schoolgirl’s massive, two-foot penis. Lochness gently rocked her hips, slowly grinding her swollen member against the inside of Nearie’s leg.

“We’ll have to do something for that big guy later,” whispered Nearie as she ran her fingers through Lochness’ tussled hair.

Lochness licked playfully at Nearie’s cock in agreement, content, for the moment, just to cuddle….

— end ——————–

Written by the adorable @phdwriting <3 (more stories on HF http://www.hentai-foundry.com/user/PhD/profile)

First artwork made by the awesome @babayanaowo <3 (check out her art! https://babayanaowo.tumblr.com)

Second artwork by me :3

— Also ——————-

Happy birthday, my sweet Nearie <3

You are a wonderful person!


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